Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Surf Bunnies

“Cowabunga!” Fluff and Puff shouted as they pushed their bunny surfboards through the rolling waves.

Naturally, the boards’ surfaces were decorated with Happy Bunny’s motto ‘Pscyho but cute’. Their bunny RayBans were clipped to their heads and colorful board shorts covered the lower half of their bunny slipper bodies.

“Tell me again why we brought them here?” Jazz grumbled, adjusting her large brimmed hat and the towel protecting her long legs from the morning sun.

Krebs shook his head. “Isn’t there some spell that would give you ultra sun block? You look like a mummy and frankly, you’re scaring the kids.”

“The spell is used in a special cream and it gives me a rash.” She reached for the bottle of 300SPF sunblock and slathered it on her hands and arms. “This stuff only works for a short time before I have to reapply it.”

Krebs grinned as he watched Fluff and Puff turn their boards around and paddle to shore, eventually bouncing up on their tails, riding the waves with magick slipper aplomb.

“Krebs! Come surf with us!” The slippers shouted as they smoothly made their way onto the sand. A puff of magick and the boards instantly turned themselves around, ready to go back out.

“Next time hexy babe you’re staying home.” Krebs jumped to his feet and retrieved his board, running down to the bunnies. “Cuz you’re acting like a real downer.”

“"Next time you’re staying home”,” she mocked his words with a hint of snarl as she pulled away the towel and rubbed the thick cream on her legs, along the top of her feet and even between her toes. Even as she did it she was positive she could feel the sun’s rays burning their way through to turn her skin just out of the pot lobster red. “”Let’s take the guys to the beach, Jazz. They can try out the surfboards I gave them for their birthday. We’ll have fun.” Yeah, real fun,” she snarled. “I’ve got sand where sand shouldn’t be. My Coke has sand in it. My hot dog had sand in it. My – oooh pretty!” Her gaze was diverted down the beach toward two gorgeous hunks of male playing Frisbee. She lifted her sunglasses a notch to get a full color view then dropped them back down as she shifted her position on the towel just a bit.

Jazz lost track of time, ignoring Fluff and Puff’s shouts of glee and Krebs’ yells as she concentrated on the volleyball game with the same fascination she gave any Hugh Jackman film.

“Augh!” She threw up her hands, ready to blast whoever splattered water on her only to find it was Fluff, Puff and Krebs shaking themselves over her like wet dogs. Her formerly perky ponytail drooped down between her shoulders.

“Busted,” Krebs sang out in unison with the bunnies. “You were checking out those guys.”

“Was not.”

“Was so.”

She sighed, knowing denial wasn’t going to get her anywhere with her tormenters. “It was a better show than you guys out there like Frankie, Annette, and the gang.”

“What? You date him too?” Krebs picked up his towel and rubbed his bare chest. “What would Nick think of you staring at some buff guys?”

“What would Nick think of you using the term buff? Have you guys had enough surfing? Can we go home now?”

“One more wave,” Puff demanded.

“Yeah!” Fluff danced up and down. “This is way cool.”

Jazz stared at their faces, brighter than she’d seen them in a long time. They were wet, smelled like salty bunny and sand coated their tails, but that didn’t matter to them. She realized there were going to be a lot more beach days in her future since she couldn’t trust them to behave with Krebs. She glanced over at the Frisbee match still going on.

“Go ahead, have all the fun you want. I’ll be fine.”


  1. When I was in college I'd spend time between classes on Balboa Island. My boyfriend rented a house there, so I could park at his house and walk to the beach. Saw a lot of beach volleyball going on and sometimes I even studied. :}

  2. Um, Linda. I'm not sure can call that studying. Unless of course, you were studying anatomy!

  3. Of course I was studying, Elle! And studying very hard too.