Thursday, January 28, 2010

My New Cover

Lookie my new cover?

I totally love it.

Maggie was introduced in Hex in High Heels and in The Best Hex Ever she’s shown to be the total kick ass witch.

As a team leader for the Cerberus Guard she and her team protect the innocent and take down the bad creatures.

But she also has that hint of her biological clock ticking away. Considering she’s over 700 years old, that can be more than a bit scary. Then there’s hot half fire demon Declan who, yes pardon the pun, lights her fire.

You know the term “be careful what you wish for”? That’s what happens to Maggie when she’s directed to protect a snarky fifteen year old girl who’s a million headaches in one. But since the girl has something to do with an ancient Mayan curse.

Well, it could be life as usual for Maggie, but with more twists and turns than she’s used to.

You’ll also meet Elegance “Elle” Maggie’s diamond studded black widow spider tattoo who’s Maggie’s back up and a bunch of over-caffeinated ferret messengers.

The Best Hex Ever comes out in October.



  1. Fantastic, Linda. You must be so very pleased.

    Maggie definitely intrigued me at the end of Hex In High Heels so I can't to read her story. And there's a demon? I'm thrilled. I'm currently working with a demon in my paranormal. He's my hero and I love him. Can't wait to see what Maggie and her demon get into!

  2. That sneak peek was for Thea's book, so you'll see something entirely different with Maggie's book. And you'll adore Declan.

  3. Wait. Wasn't Maggie the one who showed up to take Mickey away? Aren't they headed to Texas?

    So Thea is April 2010 and Maggie is October 2010?

  4. Fantastic cover, Linda! You must be over the moon. Wishing you mega sales. Oh, and Maggie sounds like a pip and a half. ;)

  5. Yeah, Maggie picked up Mickey. Thea will be March 2011 and Maggie October 2010. And I will be providing lots of fun sneak peeks and with luck another witch book peek.

  6. Thanks Beth!

    And from your lips for the mega sales.

  7. Love the new cover!!! But I could so live without a black widow spider! :)