Friday, January 29, 2010

Interview with The Librarian

Lynda from Star-Crossed Romance was brave enough to venture down to The Library to have a chat with The Librarian.

We all know that the cranky wizard is a force to be reckoned with. Lynda learned just how true that was! You can find her at What a brave woman she is!

Lynda: Thank you sir, for taking this time to talk to me. You seem to be very dedicated to the Library, which is truly admirable. Can you tell us how you came to be The Librarian?

The Librarian: Clearly I was the only one qualified to handle our archives. I have always been The Librarian and always will. This was my calling centuries ago. They need someone with my skills to run it properly. Can you imagine if the wrong wizard or witch was in charge? Chaos. Total chaos.

Lynda: How would you describe yourself?

I am a 1000-year-old wizard who believes in a precise life. Everything has its place. The Library was in chaos when I took over. It took me centuries to get it in order and I strive to keep it that way. If the world was more organized we all would be much better off.

Lynda: Staci, one of the most talented witches of her class, and Jazz, one of the most, er, independent witches, have both had run ins with you even though their requests seemed reasonable. Can you explain why?

The Librarian: Most impolite. Eurydice is a lovely witch, impeccable manners. And Anastasia used to be the same. A lovely child, but she spent too much time around some of the other witches from her class. I have very precise rules in The Library and I expect them to be followed to the letter. That means even their requests must be in a proper form. As I have said, chaos and bad manners are not allowed.

Lynda: Humble much? Let's talk about your youth. (You did have one, didn't you?) I've found that those who are sticklers for rules and regulations are usually those who flaunted those same rules when they were young. What did you do?

The Librarian: Of course I was a child, you foolish woman! Did you never take simple science courses? I never flaunted rules. That would be wrong. I was raised to respect them and do right by them. Because I did along with studying hard, I was always at the head of my classes. My dream was to head The Library. By working hard, I achieved that goal.

Lynda: You pretty much failed charm school though, didn't you? And remember politeness goes in both directions. Now...if you were given a day off from the Library, what would you do? Okay, let me rephrase that. If the Council TOLD you to take a day off, what would you do? How would you spend your time.

The Librarian: Charm isn't necessary in The Library, only organization.
Why would they tell me to do such a thing? I'm very necessary there. No one else can look over the many portals to the archives as I can.
Although I do get a bit involved in Margit's dilemma in The Best Hex Ever. Fascinating, just fascinating.

Lynda: And how do you get involved in Margit's dilemma? What did you do?

The Librarian: As that was a mission of Margit's, who goes by the name (shuddering here) Maggie, the information is classified. But I can say that I was astounded by what she as a Cerberus Guard does to keep the world safe. Along with corraling an unruly teenager named Courtney who's involved in the insanity. Naturally, I will record the incident for the archives.

Lynda: Okay, back to you. You're obviously a man of exceptional values. What is your favorite food? Where do you eat? At home? If so, do you cook? Or do you employ a cook/chef?

The Librarian: I adore Muskgravian fillets with frog truffles. I always eat at home and enjoy doing my own cooking. I guess you would say it's my hobby.

Lynda: What are Muskgravian fillets with frog truffles? Did you kill the muskgravie thing and the frogs yourself?

The Librarian: Oh no, Muskgravians are found in the depths of the Blue Forest and you find the frog truffles there too. Very rare and a delicate taste, although not for everyone's taste since muskgravians are not easy to kill. That is why I prefer purchasing them in a speciality market.

Lynda: How to you kill or capture the muskgravians?

The Librarian: There are special traps for them that calm them into a peaceful death. The meat is very tasty and they must not be agitated or their meat tends to grow very tough and inedible.

Lynda: I understand you have very little in the way of clothing. You wear always your old-fashioned bottle green knee britches, a faded brocade waistcoat over a linen shirt the color of old parchment and a bottle green long tailed coat. This seems disrespectful for a person of your authority. Why not seek revamp your styles?

The Librarian: I was very happy when we entered that era and the clothing is a favorite of mine. My nephew, Trevor, always wants me to update my wardrobe, but I prefer what is comfortable for me.

Lynda: You also don't seem to like anyone, even persons you've not previously met. This seems prejudicial. If you want them to respect you and the library, perhaps you should show a little respect and friendliness to those you meet. Wouldn't that be a better way to educate them on the proper use of the Library?

The Librarian: Young woman, when you have lived as long as I have you do not need to worry about what other people think about you. And many do respect The Library.

Lynda: I understand one of your hobbies is history. Can you tell us what you enjoy about the study?

The Librarian: If you study the past you can prepare yourself for the future, see what mistakes shouldn't be made again but also you can see what worked well then.

Lynda: Thank you again for taking this time.

The Librarian: You are very welcome and on your way out, please leave that scroll you tucked inside your jacket on my counter. Otherwise, you will discover that non-magickal beings receive a very painful punishment when they try to smuggle something out of here.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My New Cover

Lookie my new cover?

I totally love it.

Maggie was introduced in Hex in High Heels and in The Best Hex Ever she’s shown to be the total kick ass witch.

As a team leader for the Cerberus Guard she and her team protect the innocent and take down the bad creatures.

But she also has that hint of her biological clock ticking away. Considering she’s over 700 years old, that can be more than a bit scary. Then there’s hot half fire demon Declan who, yes pardon the pun, lights her fire.

You know the term “be careful what you wish for”? That’s what happens to Maggie when she’s directed to protect a snarky fifteen year old girl who’s a million headaches in one. But since the girl has something to do with an ancient Mayan curse.

Well, it could be life as usual for Maggie, but with more twists and turns than she’s used to.

You’ll also meet Elegance “Elle” Maggie’s diamond studded black widow spider tattoo who’s Maggie’s back up and a bunch of over-caffeinated ferret messengers.

The Best Hex Ever comes out in October.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Girl Talk Monday -- It's All About The Face!

Last week was all about skincare. This week it’s about foundation and blush.

How many of you use foundation or even a tinted moisturizer? And I’m sure all of you use blush and/or bronzer. You want those freshly pinched cheeks, don’t you?

I’ve always used foundation, first to hide my freckles and later, I didn’t care. I’m a redhead, I’m supposed to have freckles, so let the little guys show up. That was also thanks to a make up artist who told me they weren’t as bad as I thought they were.

As I grew more seasoned (much better than the word older!), my skin started drying out in the winter. For me, I like Laura Mercier’s face make up. It doesn’t make my screwy skin worse and finding something isn’t easy. Except I was using the oil free foundation during the summer and moisturizing foundation during the winter. I love going down to the stores for a makeover when the Laura Mercier professional make up artists are there because I always learned something new. One of the artists suggested their tinted moisturizer. I could wear it all year long! It’s a shade that blends easily with my skin tone and evens out any discoloration.

But I won’t stop there. I have a great pink tinted powder to set the moisturizer and I also like using a hint of bronzer before I use blush. After all, no suntanning for this California gal anymore. So it’s a swipe along my cheekbones, my nose, and a bit across my forehead. Voila! I look as if I’ve been out in the sun. Then blush along the apples of my cheeks as suggested. I found I tend to wear lighter brighter colors during the summer and a bit darker during the winter.

If you look in my blush drawer, yes, my blushers have their own drawer, but it’s not a big drawer, you’ll see some rose, pinks, tawny, and a coral. And sometimes it’s fun to mix two shades together. Yes, sometimes, you end up with a “oh, that doesn’t look good at all!” and you have to start over, but sometimes you come up with a new cool shade.

The best part about it is if you have some face make up on, add lip gloss, and you can run out anywhere without feeling naked.

If you aren’t sure what looks good on you, head out to the department stores and have a make over. Let me tell you, they are a lot of fun and you could learn something new. You’re not obligated to buy, but it’s nice if you at least spring for a lipstick you like.

Anytime I’ve had a makeover, I’ve said, “do what you will”. So far, I haven’t had one bad one. Trouble is, then I’m muttering “oh, I really need that”.

My friend, Evelyne, said as a make up artist she had many say “I want to look different” and when she does that without going overboard, they’re horrified and want to be the way they want.

I don’t know. I like having a new look. Every season means a new blush, new lipstick, and nail polish. Many times even a new eye shadow.

Except some new looks just don’t accomplish what I want! I had a booksigning last Halloween where I wore my ‘Witchy Woman’ top and went with a semi-goth look. I wanted a hint of scary and goth. Friends said I looked cute. There are times when you just don’t want to look cute! So I guess I’ll try again today.

What about you? Do you do the foundation and blush route? Do you like that pinched cheek look?


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Fluff and Puff Handle File Sharing Sites

There’s always talk about file sharing sites where readers find downloads of authors’ books. What they don’t realize, and sadly, some don’t care, is that these sites are illegal since it’s copyright infringement and in the end hurts the author.
I always wondered what Fluff and Puff would do if they wanted to make sure romance writer witch Thea’s books didn’t have that problem. This is why I like having the guys on my side.
“Very cool,” Fluff crooned, using his ears to tap the computer keys. “Think it will work?”
“Krebs did the basics. We’re just making it better.” Puff read off computer code that had more than a smidge of magick to it while Fluff typed away. “Okay, type all and then hit enter.”
“Yes!” The slippers grinned as they slapped high fives with their ears and sat back to enjoy the show.
“Perfect! I love file sharing sites,” the woman crooned as she clicked on the download button.
She looked up at her friend. “This is Thea James’ latest hardcover book, no less. I’ll make a copy for you.”
“Thanks! I found her first book. I haven’t read that one.” Her friend was busy on her laptop as she was on another book file sharing site preparing to download a book file. “I wish I’d known about these sites a long time ago. I sure would have saved a lot of money.”
The first woman frowned and stared at her computer as the screen abruptly turned red.Bad bad bad! Much safer to just buy the book, because then your computer wouldn’t melt. Now to work on the site itself. Love, Fluff and Puff.
“Oh my God!” She shrieked as she jumped away from her computer that slowly and steadily melted into a metallic puddle.
"Eek!” The other woman dropped her laptop onto the floor where it also was dissolving at a rapid rate.
They stood back and stared at what used to be their computers then looked at each other with a combination of shock and horror.
“Who’s Fluff and Puff?’

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girl Talk -- Smelling Good Enough to Eat

My idea of heaven is a huge bathtub with all sorts of body washes, bubble bath, and bath oils to choose from. Then even more body creams and lotions. I’d have my iPod and a book nearby. And my collection of rubber duckies to float among the bubbles.

This is just a selection of what I have stashed away for body washes and body creams. Do I love all the bakery smells? Yes! I have Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Angel Food Cake, Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum, Melting Chocolate, Fresh Donut, Orange Almond, Caramel, Spice Drops, Cinnamon Buns, and that’s just to name a few. I can either layer my fragrances or coordinate them. Plus I have a bunch of wonderful dusting powders that smell and taste like cinnamon, champagne, caramel, marshmallow, peppermint, and so on. Total yum!

Either way, when I need to escape I know I can hole up in the bathroom with the fun stuff. Proof my bathroom is my haven is not only my rubber ducky collection but I also collect figurines that have to do with fun baths.

That’s probably why my witches also love all the fun smelling bath products. Even to the stage that the owners of The Body Bakery let me use their name and product names.

What about you? Are you a bath slut? Do you drool when you find new body washes?


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bogie Wisdom 12/24/91 - 1/16/10

For someone who’d grown up with big dogs it was amazing that it was the small guys that stole my heart.

We had a year old terri/poo, Cocoa, at home and felt he needed company even if I was home all the time. Plus there was a large pair of brown eyes at our local pet shop that had caught me just as Cocoa said “okay, pay Barry and let’s get out of here.” All I knew was that he was an eight-week-old Chihuahua/Yorkie who said “I choose you. Can we go home now?” And we did.

Bogie was so very tiny and our neighbors’ kids volunteered names for him, but I was looking for just the right name. He could basically fit in the palm of my hand and tucked very nicely in my robe’s pocket. Then I realized I had the name: Bogie. No, not the golf term or Humphrey Bogart, but that radar blip that was there yet not there. That was my baby.

Cocoa was mine, but Bogie was my baby. We went through nights of puppy hiccups and tummy aches. Lots of cuddles and walks in the open land we used to have around here. And they both had the distinction of being the only dogs allowed in my friend Susan’s house. Even her own dogs still aren’t allowed in.

Bogie understood that Cocoa had seizures and when Cocoa went to Rainbow Ridge in 1996, Bogie was with us at the vet’s to understand that this time Cocoa wouldn’t be coming home. The same happened in 2003 when our St. Bernard/Lab, Fergie, went to Rainbow Ridge.

I was teased because Bogie felt I was here to carry him around. If we were outside talking to friends and Bogie was with me it wasn’t unusual for him to stand on his hind legs and beg for me to pick him up. That meant he was draped over my shoulder like a baby.

Bogie also had this funny quirk. Whenever he got a treat he hid it. So we’d always find Milkbones and other treats under couch pillows, hidden behind furniture, or pretty much in plain sight. I have to say that quirk taught Fergie how to track since she loved nothing more than hunting down those treats to take for her very own.

Look at Bogie’s Christmas photo. Cute or what? His sweater was knitted for him by a fan that suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. She knitted two sweaters for him and two for Cocoa. This day I remember so well because the photographer asked me to say his name to get his attention because he didn’t look all that happy. I said “Bogie, cookie!” and this is what we got. My handsome guy looking like the happy dog he always was.

He was the one who slept next to me. Who stayed by the back door when I was gone, waiting for me to go home. He’s always been my little shadow. Sadly, as he got older, he took my absences harder. I was told he’d cry at the door until I got back. And the strange thing about it was many times he didn’t start crying until the time I was heading back home. As if he felt I wasn’t driving fast enough.

But Bogie’s age started catching up with him. Back problems and tender hips meant he couldn’t race up and down the stairs any longer. He could climb them, and insisted on it, but I always carried him downstairs. And if he didn’t think he could make it upstairs, he’ll look at me and I’d know he’d want a ride up. Then he started wandering and I looked into his eyes and knew I was losing him.

I bargained with Fate. His 18th birthday was last Christmas Eve. I wanted that for him and he got it. It would be so easy to bargain that Valentine’s Day was coming, St. Patrick’s Day, but it wouldn’t be fair to him and very selfish of me.

Last July a found dog came into my life and when I later found his owner, he was offered to me. From the first day Barney showed up in our front yard family and friends told me he was brought into my life to ease the eventual loss of Bogie.

I don’t know if it made it easier. After all, Bogie and I’ve been together for 18 years, but I do know there’s someone to hug and love and who hugs and loves me back.

Bogie had so much heart. He was a tough little guy and he will never be forgotten. I held him in my arms while he went to sleep for the last time.

Good-bye my baby. Mama will miss you so very very much.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Elle Interviews Dweezil

Okay, Dweezil, I know you’re no softy so I’m gonna ask some straight up questions. I’m sure you can deal with it. Let’s start with the basics.

What the F-? You a cop? You gotta be a cop with that attitude. Hey, I paid those tickets and no way you can nail me for that other. Although – (looks at Elle with a gleam in his dark eyes) you are kinda cute. You doin’ anything tonight?

Full name? Dweezil. We don’t got last names like you humans.

Age? Which one? My driver’s license says 35. My birth tablet reads 956. Take your choice.

Species? What can I say, babe? I’m one of a kind.

Gender? Hellloooo! Do I look like a chick to you? See my collection? (gestures toward vintage erotica prints, sex toys, etc.) I’m a guy. And … you’re a girl, so you wanna …? (waggles fingers back and forth)

Favorite food? Mud slugs in garlic sauce

Legit Hobby? Collecting erotica and sex toys. Hey, someone’s gotta do it!

Not so legit hobby? We don’t talk about that. (looks around furtively) Why? What have you heard?

Now that we’ve taken care of the “obvious” questions, let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

When you look in the mirror, what exactly do you see and do you like what’s staring back at you? Hey, I’m a handsome male. Do you see this olive skin just anywhere? No. You know why? Cuz I take good care of my skin. It takes a lot of care and it’s worth it.

What made you decide to start your own business and why this specific one? I owned a string of livery stables for centuries. Talk about smelly and the mess wasn't so great either! I was real glad when the car was invented. Sure they were smelly in the beginning, but I never liked horses and they didn’t like me. Don’t know why. I like having a business that’s a service. And I run a damn good service.

How do you go about hiring your employees? I usually put an ad in the Supe Weekly.

It seems to me as though you have a tough time finding good ones and when you do, people tend to steal them away. Why is that? Tell me about it! I’m just a regular guy looking to make a living. I’m offering an excellent service here. You’d think they’d be grateful to work for me, wouldn’t you?

Ever think of taking an anger management course? You saying I got an anger problem? ME? The F you say! I’m a pussycat. Ask anyone. Okay, don’t ask Jazz, but that B lies about me all the time.

I feel as though you and Jazz have somewhat of a special relationship. Can you explain that? That witch will be the death me of yet. Cuz of her my offices almost blew up, she got my best client banished, and she’s a royal PIA to deal with. The trouble is, it’s not easy to find a witch to work as a driver. ‘Course it would be easier if she wasn’t so demanding. She seems to think I’m made of money. And no matter what anyone says I’m not.

Are you currently in a relationship? Nah, but that’s not my fault. I’m a real catch.

Describe your home. We want to know where you sleep at night. (the smell of burnt almonds tinged the air, a sure sign he was agitated while his olive green skin paled and sweat appeared on his brow) Why do you want to know where I live? Hey, that’s secret for a reason! NO ONE knows where I live.

I think we can just about wrap this up now. I just have one more question for you. How many arms do you have? (catepillar eyebrows bob up and down) You really wanna see them? Come closer, babe.

If Elle manages to evade Dweezil's many armed clutches you'll find her over at

Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Addition

I met my friend Susan for breakfast this morning and we finally exchanged Christmas gifts. Look what I got!

They're going in a book for sure and cliche, yes, but I do see them as Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

Aren't they cute?


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Surf Bunnies

“Cowabunga!” Fluff and Puff shouted as they pushed their bunny surfboards through the rolling waves.

Naturally, the boards’ surfaces were decorated with Happy Bunny’s motto ‘Pscyho but cute’. Their bunny RayBans were clipped to their heads and colorful board shorts covered the lower half of their bunny slipper bodies.

“Tell me again why we brought them here?” Jazz grumbled, adjusting her large brimmed hat and the towel protecting her long legs from the morning sun.

Krebs shook his head. “Isn’t there some spell that would give you ultra sun block? You look like a mummy and frankly, you’re scaring the kids.”

“The spell is used in a special cream and it gives me a rash.” She reached for the bottle of 300SPF sunblock and slathered it on her hands and arms. “This stuff only works for a short time before I have to reapply it.”

Krebs grinned as he watched Fluff and Puff turn their boards around and paddle to shore, eventually bouncing up on their tails, riding the waves with magick slipper aplomb.

“Krebs! Come surf with us!” The slippers shouted as they smoothly made their way onto the sand. A puff of magick and the boards instantly turned themselves around, ready to go back out.

“Next time hexy babe you’re staying home.” Krebs jumped to his feet and retrieved his board, running down to the bunnies. “Cuz you’re acting like a real downer.”

“"Next time you’re staying home”,” she mocked his words with a hint of snarl as she pulled away the towel and rubbed the thick cream on her legs, along the top of her feet and even between her toes. Even as she did it she was positive she could feel the sun’s rays burning their way through to turn her skin just out of the pot lobster red. “”Let’s take the guys to the beach, Jazz. They can try out the surfboards I gave them for their birthday. We’ll have fun.” Yeah, real fun,” she snarled. “I’ve got sand where sand shouldn’t be. My Coke has sand in it. My hot dog had sand in it. My – oooh pretty!” Her gaze was diverted down the beach toward two gorgeous hunks of male playing Frisbee. She lifted her sunglasses a notch to get a full color view then dropped them back down as she shifted her position on the towel just a bit.

Jazz lost track of time, ignoring Fluff and Puff’s shouts of glee and Krebs’ yells as she concentrated on the volleyball game with the same fascination she gave any Hugh Jackman film.

“Augh!” She threw up her hands, ready to blast whoever splattered water on her only to find it was Fluff, Puff and Krebs shaking themselves over her like wet dogs. Her formerly perky ponytail drooped down between her shoulders.

“Busted,” Krebs sang out in unison with the bunnies. “You were checking out those guys.”

“Was not.”

“Was so.”

She sighed, knowing denial wasn’t going to get her anywhere with her tormenters. “It was a better show than you guys out there like Frankie, Annette, and the gang.”

“What? You date him too?” Krebs picked up his towel and rubbed his bare chest. “What would Nick think of you staring at some buff guys?”

“What would Nick think of you using the term buff? Have you guys had enough surfing? Can we go home now?”

“One more wave,” Puff demanded.

“Yeah!” Fluff danced up and down. “This is way cool.”

Jazz stared at their faces, brighter than she’d seen them in a long time. They were wet, smelled like salty bunny and sand coated their tails, but that didn’t matter to them. She realized there were going to be a lot more beach days in her future since she couldn’t trust them to behave with Krebs. She glanced over at the Frisbee match still going on.

“Go ahead, have all the fun you want. I’ll be fine.”

Monday, January 11, 2010

Girl Talk Monday

I thought I’d have a weekly post on the fun stuff for we females.

And maybe along the way we’d all discover new things for our make up drawers and skin care.

So let’s start with the basics. How high maintenance are you? Do you have every cream known to woman in your cabinet? Something to keep the crows feet at bay, vertical lines along the lips, lightening what you thought were freckles and turn out not to be, laugh lines, to smooth and soften your skin. Make your throat look taut.

I’ve always had screwy skin that was oily and broke out easily. As you get older they say you want that kind of skin because you don’t get the wrinkles. You mean I had to wait for it to be a plus?

In high school it was Phisohex. That stuff worked great. Then it was considered damaging and taken off the market. How could they do that to a teenager who hated those breakouts? The horror of it all!

So I decided you needed to scrub scrub scrub. Later on it was Scrub Buff a sloughing tool you shouldn’t use all the time, but I did.

Then I had a makeover at a local department store and met someone who became a close friend. And who wouldn’t when her first words were “What do you wash your face with? Mr. Clean?”

Evelyne showed me that gentle cleansers were safer than the Buff Puff and that moisturizer wouldn’t turn my face into a gushing oil well. The only problem was I could use a product for maybe six to nine months then it was as if my skin rejected it and I had some breakouts.

It took awhile until I discovered Philosophy products and I was hooked. I’ve been using their skin care products since 1995 and love them. Yes, I have the cleanser, exfoliating cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, throat cream, you name it. But I’ve decided I’m not high maintenance. I’m just making sure my skin doesn’t fall apart.

So what works for you? Do you have a wide variety of creams and lotions or consider soap enough? Are you in search of that cream that will make you younger? If you find it, please let me know!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Evil in a Writer's Life

Is called Writer’s Block.

That’s when you sit at the computer and realize you can’t finish a sentence. You might even forget your hero and/or heroine’s name. And if it’s really bad, you’re asking yourself what your own name is.

Everyone has their own way of handling writer’s block. Some doggedly sit at the computer, struggling to come up with the next word or sentence. Others get away, looking for something, anything, to help jumpstart their imagination.

My imagination tends to go on vacation when I’m tired. Or for the days I could write non-stop, write all night and still be alert the next day.

So what do I do when that happens?

Cleaning the three bathrooms comes to mind. But I prefer driving up into the hills or around the vineyards or ranches and let my characters talk to me. They do love their road trips.

Sometimes opt for a long bath and a book to let my brain relax enough to return to work.

Personally, I don’t sit at the computer and try to push through. My writing isn’t as effective then.

So what do you do when your imagination decides to take off?


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Black cats, four leaf clovers, and salt thrown over the shoulder

Are you superstitious? Do you go out of your way not to walk under a ladder or tread carefully so you don’t step on a crack?

And what about black cats? Do you make sure they come no where near you? Throw salt over your shoulder when you spill some?

How about more?

The sound of bells scares away demons because they’re afraid of the loud noise.

If someone is sweeping and sweeps over your feet you will never get married.

Three using the same match is bad luck.

A cricket in the house brings you good luck.

The dried body of a frog worn in a silk bag around the neck averts epilepsy and other fits.

If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn you will not catch a cold all winter.

A rabbit's foot will bring luck and protect the owner from evil spirits if carried in the pocket. Hmmm, sure doesn’t give the rabbit any good luck!

Cover your mouth when you yawn, or your soul can go out of your body along with the yawn.

And these are just a few! What about you? Are you superstitious?


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Are You A Make Up Slut?

I'm one.

It's probably why my mom gave me the Sephora blockbuster palette for Christmas. Did I leave hints? Hm, yes!

We’re talking 60,000 different looks. 84 eyeshadows, 3 blushes, 60 lip gloss, 2 lip liners, 3 eye liners, 6 cream eyeliners, 6 matte eyeshadows, and 6 sparkly eyeshadows. My very own crayon box.

It rates right alongside my Wicked Witch of the East Barbie, which I also got.

Proof that my witches come by their fun stuff through me.A

nd how life does make circles. When I was little I might get dolls, crayons, and paints for Christmas. I collect stuffed animals and I still get them.

And nothing better than the fun stuff, is there?

I'm also going to be teaching some writing classes on line. You can see them at


Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Linda and the witches