Monday, January 11, 2010

Girl Talk Monday

I thought I’d have a weekly post on the fun stuff for we females.

And maybe along the way we’d all discover new things for our make up drawers and skin care.

So let’s start with the basics. How high maintenance are you? Do you have every cream known to woman in your cabinet? Something to keep the crows feet at bay, vertical lines along the lips, lightening what you thought were freckles and turn out not to be, laugh lines, to smooth and soften your skin. Make your throat look taut.

I’ve always had screwy skin that was oily and broke out easily. As you get older they say you want that kind of skin because you don’t get the wrinkles. You mean I had to wait for it to be a plus?

In high school it was Phisohex. That stuff worked great. Then it was considered damaging and taken off the market. How could they do that to a teenager who hated those breakouts? The horror of it all!

So I decided you needed to scrub scrub scrub. Later on it was Scrub Buff a sloughing tool you shouldn’t use all the time, but I did.

Then I had a makeover at a local department store and met someone who became a close friend. And who wouldn’t when her first words were “What do you wash your face with? Mr. Clean?”

Evelyne showed me that gentle cleansers were safer than the Buff Puff and that moisturizer wouldn’t turn my face into a gushing oil well. The only problem was I could use a product for maybe six to nine months then it was as if my skin rejected it and I had some breakouts.

It took awhile until I discovered Philosophy products and I was hooked. I’ve been using their skin care products since 1995 and love them. Yes, I have the cleanser, exfoliating cleanser, moisturizer, eye cream, throat cream, you name it. But I’ve decided I’m not high maintenance. I’m just making sure my skin doesn’t fall apart.

So what works for you? Do you have a wide variety of creams and lotions or consider soap enough? Are you in search of that cream that will make you younger? If you find it, please let me know!



  1. Hi Linda,

    Count me in for Girl Talk Monday!

    I think I'm quite the opposite here. I really don't do any face creams. But I do like the gentle exfoliating scrubs in the shower. That's about the extent of it which is funny to me considering how much I love make-up. I am getting older now, as we all are, and I often wonder if I should start some sort of routine? Perhaps it's already too late. Oh no!

  2. They say it's never too late, Elle.

    I'll be talking on the fun bath stuff in a future post.

  3. My skin is driving me nuts! I keep trying to find products I like. Part of the problem is some things that might work for me have fragrances that don't. Work for me, that is. 99% of perfumes, etc. make my air passages close up. Finding things that work that are unscented or are scented with something that doesn't bother is almost a full time job!

  4. That's never fun, Tori. Have you tried Philosophy for their Real Purity cleanser? Unscented and gentle. Clinique is also very good.

    I have problems with foundation too which will be another post.

    And probably why so many skincare items out there. We all have different skin types.

  5. I tried some Philosophy stuff a long time ago but it wasn't unscented. I'll have to look into that. Thanks!

  6. Hello,

    I keep it simple & use organic & natural products...Jojoba Oil, some hand blended lotions & creams with Shea butter & a very mild organic facial cleansing foam...

  7. Michelle,

    I love shea butter in body lotions. During the winter my oily skin turns dry and I tend to use a bit of a heavier moisturizer then and more body lotion.