Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Fluff and Puff Handle File Sharing Sites

There’s always talk about file sharing sites where readers find downloads of authors’ books. What they don’t realize, and sadly, some don’t care, is that these sites are illegal since it’s copyright infringement and in the end hurts the author.
I always wondered what Fluff and Puff would do if they wanted to make sure romance writer witch Thea’s books didn’t have that problem. This is why I like having the guys on my side.
“Very cool,” Fluff crooned, using his ears to tap the computer keys. “Think it will work?”
“Krebs did the basics. We’re just making it better.” Puff read off computer code that had more than a smidge of magick to it while Fluff typed away. “Okay, type all and then hit enter.”
“Yes!” The slippers grinned as they slapped high fives with their ears and sat back to enjoy the show.
“Perfect! I love file sharing sites,” the woman crooned as she clicked on the download button.
She looked up at her friend. “This is Thea James’ latest hardcover book, no less. I’ll make a copy for you.”
“Thanks! I found her first book. I haven’t read that one.” Her friend was busy on her laptop as she was on another book file sharing site preparing to download a book file. “I wish I’d known about these sites a long time ago. I sure would have saved a lot of money.”
The first woman frowned and stared at her computer as the screen abruptly turned red.Bad bad bad! Much safer to just buy the book, because then your computer wouldn’t melt. Now to work on the site itself. Love, Fluff and Puff.
“Oh my God!” She shrieked as she jumped away from her computer that slowly and steadily melted into a metallic puddle.
"Eek!” The other woman dropped her laptop onto the floor where it also was dissolving at a rapid rate.
They stood back and stared at what used to be their computers then looked at each other with a combination of shock and horror.
“Who’s Fluff and Puff?’


  1. That's fantastic. if only we could really del with the problem that way.

  2. Fluff and Puff need to get to work in the real world!

  3. I don't know, Tori.

    Think Lucy and Ethel at the chocolate factory. That would be Fluff and Puff but a million times worse.

  4. Can't you see them with trench coats and dark glasses acting like spies, Elle?

  5. Oh yeah, Linda. I totally see it. I also see them hiding behind things like Wile E Coyote!

  6. Hee! That was fun Linda!!!

    Leave it to bunny slippers to end e-book theft! LOL

    Lisa :)

  7. Thanks Lisa.

    They do know how to create chaos, don't they?

  8. lol. I like the what comes around goes around... Fluff and Puff style.


  9. That's why I love my fuzzy little guys. They're much more than your everyday footwear.