Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Behind the Book -- In Her Dreams

In Her Dreams was my first paranormal romance and in some ways set me in that direction. It came about from a variety of things going on.
The Monterey locale was after a trip to Monterey. We spent a lot of time exploring the area and an area I loved was Cannery Row with the variety of shops and friendly people. My husband and I both love aquariums, so we spent a lot of time at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
What crept into my imagination was a funky shop featuring plush animals dressed to reflect their personalities. That came about from my own plush animal collection. I had an owl dressed in spectacles, a tweed vest and looking very much like a stuffy professor. I also had a wolf wearing knickers and suspenders that could have made an interesting young thief in old London. So I gave Maggie a shop with custom made plus animals. But what also rounds her out is her psychic ability. One she didn’t like to think about.
The only problem is it’s returned with dreams where she dreams of a murder victim. But instead of seeing the murder happening, her dreams take her backwards from after death to seeing bits and pieces of the murder scene and her fear that the night will come when she ‘see’s the killer even though she has no idea just where the event took place. No wonder she’s frustrated having an ability that doesn’t do what she wants it to do.
Naturally Maggie needs the right man. Don’t we all! Dr. Ethan Baxter is renting Maggie’s guest house, meeting the wacky senior citizens that make up Maggie’s life and he just might have a connection to the murder.
Monterey seemed like the perfect setting for the book. Characters who make a story special and even bits of our trip interwoven into the story. The cypress tree pendant Maggie wears is identical to the one my husband bought me up there and I still wear it.
In Her Dreams is also a very nice way to remember that trip. It was originally published by Harlequin American Romance as A Man for Maggie, but I felt the book needed a more appropriate title. This is another one of my favorite books and I hope you’ll see it that way too.
Right now it’s available through Amazon and Smashwords and for the Nook later on. Enjoy!