Friday, January 29, 2010

Interview with The Librarian

Lynda from Star-Crossed Romance was brave enough to venture down to The Library to have a chat with The Librarian.

We all know that the cranky wizard is a force to be reckoned with. Lynda learned just how true that was! You can find her at What a brave woman she is!

Lynda: Thank you sir, for taking this time to talk to me. You seem to be very dedicated to the Library, which is truly admirable. Can you tell us how you came to be The Librarian?

The Librarian: Clearly I was the only one qualified to handle our archives. I have always been The Librarian and always will. This was my calling centuries ago. They need someone with my skills to run it properly. Can you imagine if the wrong wizard or witch was in charge? Chaos. Total chaos.

Lynda: How would you describe yourself?

I am a 1000-year-old wizard who believes in a precise life. Everything has its place. The Library was in chaos when I took over. It took me centuries to get it in order and I strive to keep it that way. If the world was more organized we all would be much better off.

Lynda: Staci, one of the most talented witches of her class, and Jazz, one of the most, er, independent witches, have both had run ins with you even though their requests seemed reasonable. Can you explain why?

The Librarian: Most impolite. Eurydice is a lovely witch, impeccable manners. And Anastasia used to be the same. A lovely child, but she spent too much time around some of the other witches from her class. I have very precise rules in The Library and I expect them to be followed to the letter. That means even their requests must be in a proper form. As I have said, chaos and bad manners are not allowed.

Lynda: Humble much? Let's talk about your youth. (You did have one, didn't you?) I've found that those who are sticklers for rules and regulations are usually those who flaunted those same rules when they were young. What did you do?

The Librarian: Of course I was a child, you foolish woman! Did you never take simple science courses? I never flaunted rules. That would be wrong. I was raised to respect them and do right by them. Because I did along with studying hard, I was always at the head of my classes. My dream was to head The Library. By working hard, I achieved that goal.

Lynda: You pretty much failed charm school though, didn't you? And remember politeness goes in both directions. Now...if you were given a day off from the Library, what would you do? Okay, let me rephrase that. If the Council TOLD you to take a day off, what would you do? How would you spend your time.

The Librarian: Charm isn't necessary in The Library, only organization.
Why would they tell me to do such a thing? I'm very necessary there. No one else can look over the many portals to the archives as I can.
Although I do get a bit involved in Margit's dilemma in The Best Hex Ever. Fascinating, just fascinating.

Lynda: And how do you get involved in Margit's dilemma? What did you do?

The Librarian: As that was a mission of Margit's, who goes by the name (shuddering here) Maggie, the information is classified. But I can say that I was astounded by what she as a Cerberus Guard does to keep the world safe. Along with corraling an unruly teenager named Courtney who's involved in the insanity. Naturally, I will record the incident for the archives.

Lynda: Okay, back to you. You're obviously a man of exceptional values. What is your favorite food? Where do you eat? At home? If so, do you cook? Or do you employ a cook/chef?

The Librarian: I adore Muskgravian fillets with frog truffles. I always eat at home and enjoy doing my own cooking. I guess you would say it's my hobby.

Lynda: What are Muskgravian fillets with frog truffles? Did you kill the muskgravie thing and the frogs yourself?

The Librarian: Oh no, Muskgravians are found in the depths of the Blue Forest and you find the frog truffles there too. Very rare and a delicate taste, although not for everyone's taste since muskgravians are not easy to kill. That is why I prefer purchasing them in a speciality market.

Lynda: How to you kill or capture the muskgravians?

The Librarian: There are special traps for them that calm them into a peaceful death. The meat is very tasty and they must not be agitated or their meat tends to grow very tough and inedible.

Lynda: I understand you have very little in the way of clothing. You wear always your old-fashioned bottle green knee britches, a faded brocade waistcoat over a linen shirt the color of old parchment and a bottle green long tailed coat. This seems disrespectful for a person of your authority. Why not seek revamp your styles?

The Librarian: I was very happy when we entered that era and the clothing is a favorite of mine. My nephew, Trevor, always wants me to update my wardrobe, but I prefer what is comfortable for me.

Lynda: You also don't seem to like anyone, even persons you've not previously met. This seems prejudicial. If you want them to respect you and the library, perhaps you should show a little respect and friendliness to those you meet. Wouldn't that be a better way to educate them on the proper use of the Library?

The Librarian: Young woman, when you have lived as long as I have you do not need to worry about what other people think about you. And many do respect The Library.

Lynda: I understand one of your hobbies is history. Can you tell us what you enjoy about the study?

The Librarian: If you study the past you can prepare yourself for the future, see what mistakes shouldn't be made again but also you can see what worked well then.

Lynda: Thank you again for taking this time.

The Librarian: You are very welcome and on your way out, please leave that scroll you tucked inside your jacket on my counter. Otherwise, you will discover that non-magickal beings receive a very painful punishment when they try to smuggle something out of here.


  1. The Librarian is such a fascianting little man. Actaully, I tend to agree with him on a lot of things. I'd like to think that he and I would get along splendidly but I won't get my hopes up.

  2. Readers will get to see a whole new side of The Librarian when they read The Best Hex Ever. An almost human side. :} Almost.

  3. Hi, Linda,

    What a unique interview! As a former librarian, now freelance writer, I was compelled to read this. Great stuff! Very witty! Now if all the librarians out there will just buy our novels!

    Jacqueline Seewald
    THE DROWNING POOL, Five Star/Gale

  4. Thanks Jacqueline.

    The Librarian is such a fun character to write. He's shown up in four books so far, and I know he'll appear in more because of what he does.

  5. The librarian in me has to agree with him to a certain extent but my, he can be HARSH! :)

  6. I love the Librarian! He's such a hoot! I'm glad we'll get to see him again in The Best Hex Ever.

  7. You have to admit The Librarian is a force of his own. I always picture Armin Shimmerman who played the high school principal in Buffy.