Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Black cats, four leaf clovers, and salt thrown over the shoulder

Are you superstitious? Do you go out of your way not to walk under a ladder or tread carefully so you don’t step on a crack?

And what about black cats? Do you make sure they come no where near you? Throw salt over your shoulder when you spill some?

How about more?

The sound of bells scares away demons because they’re afraid of the loud noise.

If someone is sweeping and sweeps over your feet you will never get married.

Three using the same match is bad luck.

A cricket in the house brings you good luck.

The dried body of a frog worn in a silk bag around the neck averts epilepsy and other fits.

If you catch a falling leaf on the first day of autumn you will not catch a cold all winter.

A rabbit's foot will bring luck and protect the owner from evil spirits if carried in the pocket. Hmmm, sure doesn’t give the rabbit any good luck!

Cover your mouth when you yawn, or your soul can go out of your body along with the yawn.

And these are just a few! What about you? Are you superstitious?



  1. Nope, not me. Not superstitious at all. In fact, I sometimes laugh in the face of superstition. Someday, that's gonna bite me in the ass.


  2. Just throw a little salt over your shoulder. :}

  3. It's funny you mention throwing salt over your shoulder. In Japan, after you attend a funeral or wake, you are supposed to throw salt over your shoulder before entering your house to ward off bad luck. I remember stepping into the house and thinking, "Whoops, too late now." :-)

    I really enjoy teaching superstitions to my English students around Halloween. From beginners to intermediate they all enjoy comparing Japanese superstions to those elsewhere.

    Btw, love the Hex books. I plan to order the latest from Amazon very soon.

  4. LOL at "whoops too late now". I'd feel that way too.

    And how neat knowing superstitions from Japan. Some of my books are being published as comic books there.

  5. Linda,

    No, I'm not superstitious. Not really anyway. I wouldn't purposely walk under a ladder, but if I happened to I don't think I would feel like doom was headed my way.

    Where can I find your comic books? My son is very fond of all things from Japan, especially Anime. It might be fun to have one of your comic books.


  6. That's the way to feel, Bren. You can't actively worry about it.

    The comics aren't out yet. I signed the contracts several months ago. They'll start out in Japan then go worldwide. They purchased two of my early Silhouettes and one of my Dell Ecstasy Supremes. They're looking at more of my books now. They'll also be phone downloads.

  7. I've seen the Harlequin display in one of the local bookstores, but since it's in Japanese, I've never spent a lot of time looking at them. I speak the language, but reading it is very hard work. Though, if they're coming out in manga form, I'd love to take a look. It all sounds rather cool.

    Btw, I should be seeing you next month in your fuzzy creatures workshop. I love those slippers! ;-)

  8. Wonderful Gabriella!

    I'm hoping to hear some dates soon on the comics, but I'm sure it takes awhile because of the illustrations.

    Fluff and Puff came in to their own very quickly. That's how I'm remembered at the tattoo shop where I had them inked.