Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Girl Talk -- Smelling Good Enough to Eat

My idea of heaven is a huge bathtub with all sorts of body washes, bubble bath, and bath oils to choose from. Then even more body creams and lotions. I’d have my iPod and a book nearby. And my collection of rubber duckies to float among the bubbles.

This is just a selection of what I have stashed away for body washes and body creams. Do I love all the bakery smells? Yes! I have Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Angel Food Cake, Pink Lemonade, Bubblegum, Melting Chocolate, Fresh Donut, Orange Almond, Caramel, Spice Drops, Cinnamon Buns, and that’s just to name a few. I can either layer my fragrances or coordinate them. Plus I have a bunch of wonderful dusting powders that smell and taste like cinnamon, champagne, caramel, marshmallow, peppermint, and so on. Total yum!

Either way, when I need to escape I know I can hole up in the bathroom with the fun stuff. Proof my bathroom is my haven is not only my rubber ducky collection but I also collect figurines that have to do with fun baths.

That’s probably why my witches also love all the fun smelling bath products. Even to the stage that the owners of The Body Bakery let me use their name and product names.

What about you? Are you a bath slut? Do you drool when you find new body washes?



  1. Ah yes, Linda. I am most definitely a bath slut! I think I'll buy our next house based primarily on the tub/shower combination. I do have to say that I love the raspberry chocolate soap bar I bought from The Body Bakery but I really prefer minty scents in the bathroom. I find them invigorating and man do I need that in the mornings.

    But if I have the luxury of soaking in the bath in the evening, I prefer a little tropical fruit with my mint. Now that is soothing and just the escape I need!

  2. Same here with mint, Elle. It's great for waking up, isn't it?

    My friends always say it's my fault when I give them bath goodies because of the good smells.