Monday, January 30, 2012

Demons Do It Better!

The list can be so long and give a woman a lot of ideas!

I’m sure many of you have read books where the demons are downright ugly and totally gross.

Then there are the demons who are sex on the hoof.

Jared in A Demon Does It Better is one of those.

What does a demon do better? He can take an innocuous moment and make it so sexy that you would melt. Such as he did with his first meeting with Lili when she’s in a scent shop in the magickal plane of Inderman.

Can you imagine holding a bottle of perfume and have a man show you just how sensual it is? This is how Jared did it and proof a demon does it better.

He picked up the bottle and carefully tipped it against his fingertip. Turning toward her he gently traced a path down her throat then repeated the touch on each wrist. The oil turned to liquid heat, causing a lot of thoughts of wearing the perfume and nothing else.
Lili couldn’t keep her eyes off his hands. Strong, capable, yet gentle. She was positive they would feel the same everywhere else on her.
Get your mind back where it belongs!
Easier said than done.
He lifted her hand, palm up, and leaned over to sniff her wrist. His breath drifted over the surface. When he lifted his head, his eyes blazed a vivid blue.
“She’s right,” he murmured. “This is meant for you.”

Demons are sensual creatures. Ones who relish the feel of flesh against flesh. Here’s evidence that Jared likes to take it one step further.

Before Lili could ask him what he was doing, he pulled her out of her chair and into his arms. He captured her mouth, kissing her so deeply the action was as intimate as sex. It blistered her down to her toes and she could only hang on for the ride as his tongue invaded her mouth without her even thinking of protesting. Lili gripped his arms, feeling the hard muscles ripple under her touch. She kept her eyes closed, losing herself in the sensual clouds that moved around her. She felt wrapped in something that seeped into her bones. A heat that was untamed and had her wondering if the images that flared behind her closed eyelids were his or hers. Sheets flowed around them while their naked bodies writhed in ecstasy, a magick that was wild setting the room afire as they sought something on a far sensual plane that few could attain. A pairing that was so perfect that her senses cried at the beauty that flooded her mind. Now she knew he shared the same images.

But demons have a sense of humor too. It’s necessary when a sexy demon is encountering a drunken kitty.

Jared turned away to hide the grin that was stretching his mouth to the limit.
“And here I thought I’d seen it all,” he muttered, struggling not to laugh and quickly losing the battle.
“Don’t even think about it,” she warned him. “You’ll only encourage her.”
“I’m only a puss in a gilded cage,” Cleo warbled, rolling from one side to the other.

Jared shook his head and walked into the kitchen. He dropped onto one of the chairs and buried his face in his hands, his shoulders shaking with the laughter he could no longer hold back. The sound sounded foreign and rusty to his ears. When was the last time he’d truly laughed in true amusement?
“It’s not funny!” Lili stormed in, her magick flying around her in erratic flutters. “Cleo can be out of control when she’s sober, but you have no idea how bad she is when she’s drunk on catnip wine. One time she even snuck into a zoo and tried to seduce a lion!”

He shook his head, unable to form any coherent words. His mouth worked. “My stomach hurts,” he finally gasped

It’s not thought that demons have a sense of right and wrong. Or worrying about others. Jared might have literally been branded a psychopath, but he reveals there’s much more to him than a dangerous streak.

Jared smiled and shrugged. “I don’t know. I had this strong feeling that you needed me and the shadows took over from there. It was like that first time I showed up at your house.” He touched her face with his fingertips, pulling them away, and staring at the dampness on his skin. “Don’t cry for us, love. We’ve all been demented for so long we don’t know anything else. Heal the ones above and leave us to our punishment.”

And last but not least, this demon is a team player. No matter what he does, he does it better.

Jared smiled and stole her breath with his kiss. “I guess a witch and demon as a team do it even better.”

Any ideas what you feel a demon does better?



  1. I can't wait to read the book and find out what else a demon does better? Is there a third book in this series coming?

    Are we going to get to revisit some of the girls from the Hex series?

    I so enjoy your books. I understand what you mean about seeing your stories.

    I must added you to my Twitter follow list. Thanks for the years of entertaining reads!

  2. Thanks Hope!

    I will be bringing Thea's book out myself as an ebook. Guns 'N Hexes.

    The demon books are a continuation of the Hex books, they just changed the look to the series. There's been no word of more books, but that doesn't stop me from me bringing them out myself.

    And I will. Plus I'm writing some novellas with the earlier witches. Hotel Hex with Jazz and Nick will hopefully be up soon.

  3. Oh good! Please let me know if you can when they come out. I'm on twitter with this name, too (added you, too) most of my stuff is self pubs. I admit, it's because I make more and like that little deposit each month. Have you read HP Mallory? Her with books are fun, too

    Is there an email address for you anywhere?

  4. I will, Hope. And I'm glad you found me!