Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Not Your Typical Hospital

What a terrific way to start the year than with a new book release?

How many of us watched medical dramas? Go all the way back to Dr. Kildaire, Ben Casey, onward to Medical Center, Marcus Welby MD, to ER, House and Grey’s Anatomy.

I’ve used doctors in my past books, but nothing like Dr. Lili Carter, an ER physician in San Francisco’s Crying Soul’s Hospital and Asylum. Nor the patients she encounters. Not a human in the bunch. But that’s what makes it fun.

Where else will you encounter a wereleopard nurse, a dragon shifter head nurse and a musty old wizard doctor? A regal Persian cat who’d been Cleopatra in another life and is only too happy to advise you on your love life. And who else should know better about romance than the queen who seduced Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony?

And a witch who heals with magick and a smattering of actual medicine too. Can you imagine the kinds of medical schools Lili attended over the centuries?

But a sexy witch needs a male who can handle her. That’s where Jared comes in. A demon with a dark past who Lili should have run from the first second she saw him. But who wants to run away from a hot guy who has you thinking silk sheets and some absolutely yummy sex?

I’ve always said I write what I love to read. That means magick, hints of suspense, quirky, and surprises.

Plus my characters can say and do what I want to at times.

As I said it’s fun to start out the year with a new book whether its mine or any of my friends’ books who yes, I immediately download to my Nook. If I can’t sleep and there’s nothing good on TV I know I’ll have some fun reading ahead of me.

Along with A Demon Does It Better, I have some of my backlist books coming out as ebooks and more coming each week. You can find them through http://www.joyridebooks.com/ along with Amazon, BN, and Smashwords.

Just remember, a book a day keeps the frownies away. :}

And Happy New Year!


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