Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Those Pesky Resolutions

Long ago I spent the first of every year writing out my New Year resolutions. The list was pretty much the usual along with whatever had to do with me personally, get back to my workouts on a regular basis, be nicer in the grocery store (don’t ask), polish the furniture before I can write my name in the dust, do more cooking than just throw something in the crock pot,

Then there’s the writing resolutions. Make all my deadlines, don’t play paper toss game when I should be writing (I should take the app from my Nook, but it’s so fun!), write a certain number of pages per day.

There is an excellent reason why I don’t make resolutions. They’re too easy to break.

What I’ve done instead is make out a wish list. I don’t do this just at the first of the year, but add to it throughout the year. There is no reason why it should just have to do with January. I have a variety of wish lists. What I’d like to do with my writing. Personal wishes and anything else that comes to mind. The fun part is crossing out something once it’s accomplished.

How I do this is thinking what’s lurking in my imagination. What book I hope to write and finish. List the books I hope to see go to contract. Are there conferences I hope to attend.

Putting them down in print makes it real. A promise that I need to do what I’ve said.

Some would say it’s the same with resolutions, but calling it a wish list makes it easier for me.

And don’t we all like to see wishes come true?

Do you make resolutions? And if you do, how many do you find you keep or do you close your eyes and toss the list?

How would you feel if you made a wish list? Would it be easier to keep or accomplish?



  1. I kinda do what you do with your Wish List but don't write anything down. Just keep goals in mind that I want to get better at.

    Becky W.

  2. I like the idea of a wish list, it seems less daunting than a list of resolutions. I also think it's great to reevaluate every month or so to check up with what you're getting done. I think calling it a wish list would make the tasks easier to keep. I do my best to keep my resolutions but I have to be honest, it's a bit of a struggle.

  3. Hi Becky. How good you can keep your goals in your head.

    Melissa, I say wish list because I'm saying this is what I wish to accomplish.