Saturday, January 14, 2012

What Is It About Being a Romance Writer?

Last Dcember I celebrated my 32nd year since I sold my first two books. It’s been quite a journey.

Years ago romance authors were considered someone who wrote ‘those kind of books’. Many times I was asked when I’d write a ‘real’ book. Considering my books were sold in bookstores and people read them I saw them as real books. People even commented it was nice I had a hobby.

All I knew was that I wanted to write since I could pick up a crayon. And romance was something I wanted to create.

Over the years I’ve written a variety of romance books while finding my way toward paranormal and urban fantasy. My first paranormal romance was published in 1990 about a psychic who dreamed of a murder.

Over the years I’ve been asked what surprises me about being a romance writer. Everything.

What a surprise that I can release my imagination and put my story ideas down. A warm and fuzzy feeling that people want to read what I write. The sense that some of those readers over the years have even turned into good friends.

Writing is always a strange process. At least it is for me. My characters talk to me – yes, I hear voices – and tell me what I need to write. I have to listen to them because if I don’t things don’t go well. Trust me on this.

It’s not even a ‘what if’ inside my head. More like ‘you have to write down what I tell you’.

Writing is a solitary occupation, but I’m not really alone. My characters are always chattering away, the dogs do their part in reminding me they’re due for book time, and my parrot believes he’s in charge. Connecting with other authors who have also become good friends.

All are excellent surprises. The kind we all like. As rich as chocolate and strong as coffee. The feeding of our imaginations and the knowledge we can curl up with a good read.

I’m as bad as many with reading late into the night because I need to finish a book. And the same when I’m writing because I can’t stop writing.

I hope I’ll continue to have surprises in my work. That way I can never become bored.

Does anything about a writer surprise you whether you’re another author or reader?


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