Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Magickal Journey

My path as a writer has been a strange and winding one. Plus never boring.

After all, 32 years ago I started out with sweet traditional romances and worked my way up to sexier romances and now witches, and vampires, and demons, oh my!

Funny thing is some people think I’ve only been writing for a few years since they don’t know me before my Hex and Demon series. Now I’m putting out many of my backlist books showing my readers there’s many sides to me. And isn’t that scary!

And fun.

I like to think my readers can identify with my characters. I know I do. Friends say I’m most like Jazz, my first witch. I know she’s said and done things I’d love to do. And a few that I have done. I have bunny slippers that tend to end up in odd parts of the house. I swear I can hear them screaming if one of my dogs drags them around the house.

So what does that say about me? I love my paranormal world? It’s real to me. No, I don’t hear voices. Well, yes, I do and if I don’t listen to them the book doesn’t go the way it should. :} So it’s a good thing.

While an excellent story is necessary, I’ve always felt it’s the characters that make it ‘real’.

Are the characters in a book important to you? Do they make you hungry for the next book?


  1. Characters are so important in a book I read. I want to care and root for the hero/heroine. If the author doesn't make me care, I probably won't pick up that next book.
    I love the titles of your books. I plan on buying one today! It'll be my first.

  2. I know what you meant, Diana. It's the characters that make the story and you do have to care for them.

    I hope you enjoy my book!