Sunday, February 28, 2010

What I've Been Watching Lately

I’ve always been a self-proclaimed movie and TV slut. I need sound and sights when I write, so the TV is there to give me that needed stimulation.

Thanks to Netflix I can catch up on vintage TV shows and classic movies.

First I started out with classic western TV – Rawhide (with a baby face Clint Eastwood) about cattle drives from Texas to Missouri and adventures along the way. Sheb Wooley, one of the stars, can also be remembered for writing the classic song The Purple People Eater. Have Gun Will Travel, The Virginian (I had a mega crush on James Drury during the show and was lucky enough to meet him twice) Wagon Train and Laramie with Robert Fuller, total yum! The absolute classic Gunsmoke.

Then I left the Old West and I found some old Betty White episodes from two series she starred in. Yes, they’re very dated, but still fun to watch. Hotel with James Brolin and Connie Selleca. The storylines work even for today, but the fashions and hairstyles? Yikes! Scrap those shoulder pads and all the big hair. My Three Sons with Fred MacMurray, the boys and dog Tramp. Donna Reed who loves to meddle in her family’s troubles and anyone else’s that come around. The Real McCoys.

And let’s hear it for The Avengers! Emma Peel was an early kick ass heroine, wasn’t she? And Steed with his trusty umbrella. Talking about spies, we’ve also got The Prisoner. I loved that show and watched it every week on PBS. I knew for sure I never wanted to end up in The Village.

And cop and private detective shows – Mannix, Jake and the Fatman, Cannon, Barnaby Jones, yes, Magnum P.I., James Garner in Rockford Files.

I’m also a cartoon junkie. Not just Looney Tunes, my all time faves, but Mighty Mouse, Heckle and Jeckle, Tom Terrific and Crusader Rabbit that I remember from Captain Kangaroo’s programs. Tex Avery, and later on Duckman who inspired Horace the gargoyle. My husband got me a DVD set from HarveyToons that’s so fun to watch with Casper, Little Audrey and others.

And even vintage commercials on the Honey West DVDs. With her show you have to love her ocelot, Bruce, and a communicator in her compact and sunglasses. Although wouldn’t you think it was odd someone was talking into their sunglasses? Still, it was from 1965 and fun to watch.

It’s fun to see the changes in television over the years and catch up on shows from our childhoods.

What about you? Do you like to check out blasts from the past?



  1. Wow. I think you and I were separated at birth, Linda! :) Loved all those shows you mentioned.

    I also loved a little-known western called Lancer. James Stacy (before his devastating motorcycle accident) and Wayne Maunder. Yum!

  2. I remember Lancer, Tori!

    There's a lot more shows I'm waiting to come out on DVD or available through Netflix.

    We also watched Peter Gunn with Craig Stevens, which was really good.

  3. Linda!!!!! I've been trying to think of the Rockford Files for weeks. I remembered the show. My mother use to watch every day and I watched right along with her, but the name had escaped me. So glad it made your list.

    My mom and grandmother were addicted to Perry Mason and Quincy too. But I have to admit, when I think of the old shows I watch, I think of The Golden Girls, Sanford and Son and the Jeffersons.

  4. Oh Elle, you're making me feel old!!!!