Thursday, February 4, 2010

When Your Brain is on Overload

I’m finishing up my revisions for The Best Hex Ever. Sometimes revisions are miserable and you slog through them, and sometimes, like this time, they’re totally fun. The characters have made it fun, so I go through my editorial notes and mutter “oh yeah!” and weave more humorous layers into the story.

Revisions are a necessary evil. The author is way too close to the book and there could be scenes that need smoothing out or fleshing out or tightening. A slow scene that should be cut or changed. That’s where the editor comes in and sees what you miss.

Then there’s times you’re working on one book while one, or three, are competing for your attention.

That’s what’s happening to me now. I have my next Hex book after this along with some young adult ideas that I have to write.

Yes, have to write because there are characters in there that are having a party inside my head. They don’t want to stay in my imagination, they want their worlds related out there and I’m more than happy to do that.

Except, there’s those pesky revisions to finish. Luckily, they’re almost done, so I can move on.

Of course, that means when I’m revising another book I’ll be going through the same thing. Characters will chatter away inside my head and story ideas will float around. Chocolate doesn’t shut them up; only writing about them.

So what happens to you when your brain is on overload?


  1. Hi Linda,

    Funny you should blog about this today. While I'm not in the revision process, but in the write the darn thing and get it finished process, my brain is on major overload. I have all the ideas it's just putting them in the right places and having enough quality time to do so. But to answer your question, I start to shut down. This is not good. I know it. I try to fix it but it takes time.

    Reading posts like this always help because I realize that others go through similar problems and yet, they make it through.

  2. When that happens Elle it's best to walk away. Give yourself some time to just relax your brain.

    When I go brain dead while talking to my manicurist she says my brain is full. I like that idea!