Thursday, February 25, 2010

Take Me Away!

I admit it’s a gorgeous day here after a rainy night.

For now the sun is out and while chilly, you still want to go out and enjoy it.

Instead, I’m sitting inside working. But I have two large windows to tempt me with the outdoors.

So where does my mind wander?

Taking Barney out for a walk. There are some really nice parks nearby that he’d love to explore as long as he’s on his long leash.

Getting the works at our gorgeous European style day spa.

Driving down to San Diego to explore either the Wild Animal Park or further down for the zoo.

Walking San Diego’s gaslamp district including a historic haunted hotel.

Or Old Town San Diego with its rich heritage and number one haunted house the Whaley House.

So much to do, so little time.

But instead, I’ll stay in and work and look at the above as incentive.

What about you? What do you dream about doing?



  1. The trip to San Diego gets my vote! I could ogle some sailors while I'm there, too. Fun times! :)

  2. Basking in the sun. I'd prefer to be doing it next to a pool or on a beach, but I'll take my front porch too.

  3. I can see we can't take you out, Tori. :}

    And don't forget the marines.

  4. The sun for you, Elle. Do you want a cute cabana boy too?

  5. I'll take one cabana boy and one cowboy, please and thank you.

  6. Oooh, sexy picture there! Honey, you'll need one of those secluded spots with filmy curtains.

  7. Hook me up, Linda and I'll be forever indebted!

  8. Sorry Elle, I can only hook you up in your dreams.