Thursday, February 18, 2010

When We're Talking and Not Writing

Last week I spoke about writing at our local college. The library put it on and it was a great experience.

You always worry no one will show up, but luckily, quite a few did.

Writers are so insular that getting out and talking isn’t always easy. Plus, no way I’d want to cover my thirty years as a published writer in a little over an hour. Only if I wanted to put them to sleep. I offer up anecdotes, my own writing ups and downs, and what goes on in the publication process. I had a blast doing it since they were so receptive. Even better, they’re talking about having me back next year.

I was also contacted by our local senior center’s book club to come in and talk about being a writer and they’ll be reading one of my Hex books.

And this Saturday I’ll be speaking at my RWA chapter along with our Casablanca editor, Deb Werksman, about the writing process after the contract is signed.

I enjoy speaking, because it also means I meet new people. It’s fun to get their take on books and sometimes I even get recommendations for authors I haven’t read yet.

I’m also teaching a class at on writing a series with multiple main characters.

The good thing about all this is I never know where my next ideas will come from.


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