Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where Linda's Imagination Takes Flight

Welcome to my fun place!

After back problems didn’t allow me to use my desktop I switched to a laptop with a comfy chair and footstool. As you can see, Barney, my white mini Schnauzer, likes to curl up with me. I usually have my witches brew coffee mug nearby since I can’t live without caffeine. I enjoy the wool throw my husband brought back from a business trip to England and my husband’s grandmother knit the afghan. This is a great spot for me and faces the TV since I have to have it on while I work. No silence for this author! I either watch DVDs or watch something fun on cable, since I have my guilty pleasures during the day. Plus you never know what you might see or hear that ignites the imagination.

Then there’s all the inspiration around me. There’s my collection of Halloween Barbie dolls along with the Wicked Witch of the West and Wicked Witch of the East. I like to think they give me inspiration for my witches plus they’re just plain fun to look at.

And the same with my collection of stuffed animals that I’ve picked up over the years at conferences or because something about them appeals to me. My collection of Pocket Dragons, other dragons, gargoyles (including one named Horace), Ganesha to keep my imagination in full gear, and other fun creatures that have shown up in my books. Not to mention a pair of bunny slippers usually on my feet.

We writers live an insolated existence. Our days, and many nights, are spent at the computer writing, promoting our books, and keeping in touch with fans and friends. I can’t imagine any of them working in a sterile space. I have the original artwork for my first Silhouette Special Edition, (and I see it’s time to dust my stuffed animals!) other posters and witchy signs friends have given me. I think they’re trying to tell me something. :}

You can also see the bookcase that holds copies of all my books along with the foreign copies. When the case was totally filled, I had to change it over to two deep, so I didn’t have to start filling a new bookcase right away.

Writers need a space that’s all their own. Not just comfort, but even visual inspiration. I know I do. And I think they show the true me.

So what’s the true me? Magickal, whimsical, eccentric thrown in for some spice, and comforting. I know the day will come when I’ll think about the painting my work space in a warm color to go along with my imagination. When I see the right shade I’ll know it. Just as I know when I’m here my mind is allowed to travel to wonderful magickal worlds.

I hope you enjoy this peek into my office where anything can happen. Even bunny slippers chasing Barney. :}



  1. Good morning!

    I love that you have to have the TV on. I've tried to work with silence surrounding me, but it actually makes me a bit claustrophobic.

    Thanks for sharing your space. I especially like the original artwork. What a treasure!

  2. Elle,

    I've gone nuts any time we've lost power. At least I have my iPod to keep me company.

  3. I can't work in dead silence either. I have to have music on at the very least.

    I just want to hug and squeeze Barney! He's so cute!!!

  4. Barney is a cuddler, Tori. He's also really good at almost pushing me out of bed at night. He prefers snuggling up against me. He's a mini Schnauzer and 12 lb, but sometimes you'd think he weighed 50. And he won't move if he doesn't feel he has to.