Monday, February 8, 2010

Girl Talk Monday -- The Perfect Black Shoe

Ever have one of those conversations with your husband that only another woman would understand?Him – “Why do you have so many pair of black shoes?”Her – “They’re necessary.”Him – “But they’re all black.” Holds up one pair in one hand and another pair in the other. “What’s the difference between these?”Her – “Those are casual sandals and those are dressy flats.”Him – “And these? Aren’t they casual sandals?”Her – “That second pair are my yucky casual sandals that I only wear around the house. The other pair I’ll wear out of the house.”Him – “Then why not throw out the yucky pair and wear the good casual ones all the time?”Her – “Duh! My good casual pair will wear out too fast.”Him – searching for aspirin – “And the dressy flats as compared to this pair of dressy heels, I suppose?”Her – “Oh no, those are my casual heels. The dressy heels are over there next to my dressy flats and dressy casual flats are there next to my dressy sandals.”Him – “But why are all of them black?”Her – “I’m set for every occasion that way.”Him – “And the colored shoes?”Her – “There’s times you don’t want to wear black shoes.”Him -- sighing – “So fine, you have twenty million pair of shoes to go with all that make up that one person can’t possibly wear.”Her giving him the duh look again – “You can’t wear the same lipstick, eyeshadow or blush with everything. It all has to go together.”Him – now in search of the hard stuff – “No wonder there’s no room in the closet or bathroom.”How about you? Does your husband sometimes do that to you? How quickly does it take to send his mind reeling while it’s all perfectly logical to you?
Mine still can't figure it out or the reason why I have four pair of black leather flip flops then we move on to the colors.

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