Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oh Those Catalogs!

I’ve been called the ‘Catalog Queen’. One mail carrier gave me that name as he moaned and groaned about all the catalogs I received were killing his back.

I apologized while I oohed and ahhed over all the pictured goodies in front of me. I wouldn’t purchase a majority of the items, many times couldn’t imagine how some catalogs found their way to me. Obviously, selling my name was a big thing. :}

Clothing, make up, jewelry, bath and body, all the girl stuff is total fun to look through. Others that show gift ideas are also fun and a great way for me to find some neat prezzies.

Then there’s the gadget, yard, and household catalogs.Why am I enraptured over pretty cookware and dinnerware when cooking is fairly low on the fun meter for me? Why do I need a special cooker that cooks your hotdogs and warms the buns at the same time? Do I really need a tabletop cotton candy machine? Unless you think it would go well with my funnel cake set? That was a gift and I love my agent for providing me with the means to make Jazz’s favorite treat.

And really, how many solar lights can I put outside? Whirligigs or wind chimes? Same with yard figurines. Although I do have my share for collectibles, because I flat out love them.

Or do you love even looking through retro items as other catalogs offer?

And while I do my shopping on line, the catalogs are fun to browse through where I can mutter “ooh, cute”.

What about you? Are you a Catalog Queen too? Do you have a special catalog that you sigh with happiness when it shows up?



  1. Oh my, I am a total catalog junkie!!!

  2. Oh good! I'm not the only one. And some are so much fun. I also love Pyramid Collection.

  3. Oh, they have the coolest stuff! Love their clothes though none would look good on me. But they're fun for shopping for my characters. :)

  4. I love the clothes too, but they wouldn't work for me. Sigh! Serengetti and North Style has cute things. So does Coldwater Creek.