Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Visit To A Local Reader's Group

Several months ago I was asked by the readers’ group at our town’s senior citizen to come in and discuss one of my books. I went in to the senior center on Wednesday and had a blast.

They read Wicked by Any Other Name, but they also wanted to talk to me about writing, how I got started, the paranormal genre, and all the creatures involved. I think Fluff and Puff were busy digging into the snacks.

It was a wonderful time. This group had a lot of fun questions including asking me if I was a witch. And they got my “no, but I used to play one on TV”.

Any writer will tell you it can be a bit scary to do this since you’re never sure if you’ll encounter someone who absolutely hates your book and doesn’t mind saying so.

Luckily, that wasn’t the case. Plus, one of the wonderful ladies not only brought in a variety of snacks, but they were themed to the book along with being tagged with the page number you’d find that food on. How wonderful is that?

They want me back and I’m happy to do it.

It’s always fun to get out and meet new people and I did, including one very courtly gentleman named Lionel who I’d say has a lot of magick in him.


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