Friday, July 9, 2010

Behind The Book -- Hex Appeal

It’s only natural I’d next talk about Hex Appeal.

More than halfway through 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover, I knew I’d have to write a second book about Jazz and Nick, even if I’d originally planned on writing Stasi’s book next.

My editor was surprised because she hadn’t expected that. Plus, she also felt Jazz needed new accessories and Fluff and Puff shouldn’t be in the book. You can imagine how they felt about that! I knew that wasn’t about to happen. Thanks to a brainstorming session with my agent, awesome Laurie McLean, we came up with crocodile stilettos named Croc and Delilah, their name courtesy of Laurie. Croc and Delilah were different in that they raided Jazz’s perfume and make-up and they adored Krebs, Jazz’s mortal housemate.

And poor Fluff and Puff! They were stuck in bunny slipper prison due to the accusation they ate a Wereweasel at the Midway. While everyone knows Wereweasels taste nasty. But if Jazz didn’t find out what happened to Willie the Wereweasel, Fluff and Puff would end up destroyed. No way Jazz would allow that.

I could see Jazz and Nick having some pretty strange nightmares. Horrible dreams that show them a life without the other, death, and destruction, and to make matters worse for Jazz, not only is Krebs dating a vampire, but Nick’s ex from centuries ago is in town and no love fest on Jazz’s part.

I wanted something to do with nightmares and Fluff and Puff in the kind of trouble that’s not easy to get out of. I also wanted a scene where Jazz would end up spending time outside her comfort zone.

And then there’s Irma offering up her own issues along with Jazz’s creature boss, Dweezil.

At one point I wondered if I wasn’t throwing too much into the book, but it all seemed to work well together, so I kept writing away. And along the way I had my own share of surprises. I had no clue how the issue with Willie the Wereweasel would be resolved until I wrote the scene.

I had a lot of fun writing this book, because I could return to my favorite characters, add some new ones, and show Stasi and Blair more than the brief scene in the first book.

That seems to happen with me a lot, so maybe it’s true that my characters tell me what to do.

I just hope they keep on doing that.



  1. I loved this book, but of course I love all of them. Wicked by any other name I think is my favorite if I had to choose, but I love all of the fun characters you put into the stories - it keeps it fun!

  2. Thanks! I do my best to make them all very individual and just plan fun.