Friday, July 16, 2010

Behind the Book -- Wicked By Any Other Name

With Hex Appeal finished it was time to move on to one of the other witches with Wicked By Any Other Name. Stasi had always been strong in my mind with her enjoyment in crafting love spells and running her lingerie/romance book boutique. How fitting to find the appropriate romance book along with that lace cami or silk thong?

And since, in my mind, she was sweet-natured without being sugary, I knew I wanted her thrown into a situation that would require her to totally witch up. What easier way for that to happen than for her to be the target of a witch hunt? For her to remember the Olde Salem Witch Trials that she was almost a part of. I’d visited Salem once and the town and its history always remained in my head with the idea for a book and this was perfect for it.

The best part of the town of Moonstone Lake was that a small town can easily build panic. I worked upon that with Stasi being sued in Wizard’s Court and her attraction for the plantiff’s sexy wizard attorney, Trevor Barnes. Attraction that spreads to bubbles when she hiccups. We all have nervous habits, but what if they’re the type that can fill a room if you grow too uneasy?

Like Jazz with Fluff and Puff, Stasi has Horace, the troll cursed into a gargoyle who prefers to hang out in the boutique’s dressing rooms, and Bogie, her magickal Chihuahua/Yorkie who floats instead of walks and disappears when things turn tense.

It was a case of people willing to think the worst of someone they’d known for years, knew how many times she’d helped them, been there during the hard times, but always easy to still go down that negative path.

I could start showing Moonstone Lake, what the mountain town means to Stasi and Blair, their history there, and introduce some fun characters including hints for Blair and the guy who’d end up in her life.

It was very different from what I’d written before and that’s always a good thing. I always hope my readers agree.



  1. I loved the story of Stasi and Trev :) I think it's because I can relate more to her quiet nature than Jazz's outgoing nature. But I love all of the characters. It would be cool to have more books about Jazz, Stasi, and Blair's other friends. Well time to go start Hex in High Heels..thanks for the great reads. Oh and I loved the mention of Vicki Thompson's Nerd books in Staci's shop. Another great author :)

  2. I love writing the different personalities, because they need to be individuals and that's the best way to do it.

    There are more books coming.

    Vicki is an awesome author.