Thursday, January 13, 2011

Writing 101 -- Book Beginnings

Some writers will sit down and those all important first words will just flow from their brain down their arms to their fingers and to the keyboard.

Every word is pure gold.

Others will sit there, write the first line or even go so far as write the first paragraph. Read it. Hate it. Delete it. And start all over again.

I’ve started thinking about book beginnings lately after reading a lot of them.

I guess you can say I went overboard since I can download book samples on my Nook. I saw it as a great way to find new authors for me.

And since I don’t have a lot of reading time right now I figured it would be good to start reading those book samples. Some samples were around 20 pages, others unfortunately were only a few. But there were times when even those few had me wanting to read the rest of the book.

I admit there were a few that I deleted the sample, but there’s a lot, many of them authors new to me, that I know I’ll be purchasing along the way.

Then I wonder if I shouldn’t have given those authors a chance. Tried one book and maybe it was a slow start. And that has me wondering.

How does that work for you as a reader? Is the first part of a book a make it or break it for you? Are you willing to give some of them a chance or do you move on?

Has there been a book beginning that ever totally turned you off?


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