Thursday, January 6, 2011

EBook Thursday -- What's On My Nook

love my mysteries and thrillers. Having my favorite authors on my Nook is even better and more so when I discover a new author to me.

Jefferson Bass is one of the latter.

The writing duo of Dr. Bill Bass, founder of the Body Farm in TN, and Jon Jefferson meld fact and fiction so seamlessly that you can’t stop reading.

I discovered the series when their first book, Carved in Bone, was a free offer for the Nook. Thanks to a B&N gift card I wasted no time downloading the rest of the books.

The fictional Dr. Bill Brockton is a forensic anthropologist who heads up the University of Tennessee’s Body Farm where donated bodies are left outside in various methods to explore the manner of decay.

I read Dr. Bass’s book on the Body Farm when it was first released and I enjoyed his methods of discovering how a body decays whether clothed, unclothed, in a building or left to the elements. At the time I wrote a lot of romantic suspense and anything that would help me better understand forensics was my excuse for research. And I’m still doing it.
The Body Farm novels feature Dr. Brockton, his graduate assistant Miranda Lovelady, and a variety of characters, some based on real people gives you a look into forensic anthropology and how it can even solve murders. One book even gives you a peek into a town built during World War II and the secrets it held then. And I’ve got to say I enjoyed ‘Grease’ a defense attorney who you love to hate.

Have you discovered any new authors lately that you think I should add to my Nook?

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