Monday, January 10, 2011

Ebook Monday -- Guest Blogger Barbara Keiler

Please welcome good friend Judith Arnold and a peek into her latest books!

What’s the best thing about winter in New England, where I live? Not skiing (unless you’re one of those crazy people who like to strap plastic sticks to your feet and hurtle yourself down a mountain.) Not ice-skating (same idea, except for steel blades instead of plastic sticks, and a pond or a rink instead of a mountain.) Not sledding—which can be fun but leaves you cold and wet and sniffly. Not driving. (Definitely not driving!) Not the beautiful scenery, which looks like all those evocative Grandma Moses or Norman Rockwell or Currier & Ives paintings and etchings for a few days before the once-pristine snow turns slushy and gray. And let’s face it, scenery can only take you so far.
No, the best thing about our snowy, sleety, icy New England winters is reading. When the world is buried in cold white drifts and gusts of wind howl outside the window, what can be better than curling up in a comfortable chair by a crackling fire with a cup of steaming tea or cocoa and a good book?
Well, one thing that might be better is curling up in a comfortable chair by a crackling fire with a cup of tea or cocoa and an e-reader loaded with good books.
E-readers are convenient. They’re compact. They don’t get dog-eared. One little device can hold so many books—and those books cost less than paper books. The fifteen dollars that buys one trade paperback can buy five e-books.
Even better, books that have been out of print and unavailable for years may now be available as e-books.
I’m an old friend of Linda Wisdom’s. (No, we’re not old! We’re long-time friends!) I remember reading many of her wonderful Silhouette Special Edition romances years before e-readers were a twinkle in anyone’s eye. I’m sure she remembers reading some of my Harlequin American romances and Superromances from the late ’80’s and ’90’s. Those books we wrote back then were great books. They’re still great books. And now, thanks to e-book publishing, authors like Linda and me can make those books available to new readers.
So curl up in your comfortable chair beside the fireplace with your e-reader and lose yourself in the pages—correction: the scrolling screen—of some classic Linda Wisdom and Judith Arnold romances. I’ve published three of my backlist titles as e-books so far: Cry Uncle, Barefoot In the Grass and Safe Harbor—and you can buy all three of them for significantly less than the cost of a single trade paperback. Visit my website ( or Backlist Ebooks ( for easy links to these books. And visit Linda’s website ( for links to her reissued ebooks.
Happy reading!
Judith Arnold


  1. Thanks for visiting, Judith!

    Isn't it wonderful our books are getting a new life?

  2. Yea, Judith! You've e-published three of my favorites of yours first. Thanks! You've made this reader happy.

    Lynn Michaels
    (also an author)

  3. Congrats on giving these titles a new life, Judith. And Linda, I totally agree, it is a wonderful thing.