Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Post Holiday Blahs

Do you have them?

After all the energy of the past few months do you experience a sort of letdown once January comes? Or do you look forward to the new year and what you want to do during the next twelve months?

Think about making resolutions and whether you’ll keep them or not?

I stopped making resolutions since it’s too easy to forget them as soon as I’ve written them down.

All I have is my list of what I hope to accomplish during a year’s time. What ideas I hope to write and sell heads the list. And anything else that might tempt me.

I’m also known to offer myself incentive. “Okay, Linda, if you finish this you can have that.” And I stick to it no matter how hard it is or how hard I beg “But I tried! Come on, let me get it anyway!”

Yep, I’m a tough customer.

So what do you do to get through the post holiday blahs or are you one of the lucky ones and doesn’t have them?

Plus, there's an article about me and my books on line!



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