Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Behind The Book -- The Countess and the Cowboy

Even while writing Under His Spell, I knew that Letitia needed her own book. Someone with the sass, incredible energy and more than a little snark more than deserved it. It didn’t take anything to convince my editor since she agreed Letitia should have her own happy ever after.
And what better character to be thrown totally out of her comfort zone than a socialite whose idea of roughing it is staying in a 4 star hotel.
From the beginning, Letitia was fun to write. She was funny. She was sassy. She loved her creature comforts, but she showed an ability to adapt.
Even in Under His Spell I knew I didn’t want a snobby sister who looked down her nose at her brother moving into a house with an interesting history and a licentious ghost who loved to spy on the ladies. She teased her brother, adored the woman he fell in love with and enjoyed being the wacky aunt willing to spoil two children who adored her back.
Even in moving to a falling down ranch in Wyoming didn’t dampen her spirits. She pulled up her lacy La Perla panties and looked for ways to make her new property turn a profit. She ignored chipped nail polish, sore muscles and did what was needed.
No wonder Tyler Barnes fell in love with her. What man wouldn’t?
I believe I created a fun heroine I’d hope the readers would enjoy.
I hope you feel the same.
Enjoy The Countess and the Cowboy and if you haven’t read it yet, please look for Under His Spell where Letitia makes her first appearance.
The Countess and the Cowboy will be available for Nook, iBooks, etc. in a couple weeks. Under His Spell is now available in the other stores.

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