Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It's The Great Haunted Pumpkin Hunt, Fluff & Puff

"We're going to find one tonight. I just know it. We're going to find the right pumpkin," Fluff insisted to his partner in bunny slipper crime.

The slippers silently moved through the house, heading for the front door that opened thanks to their magick. They wasted no time sliding down the walkway to the sidewalk. Since it was heading toward midnight, the only ones out were those who preferred darkness for their deeds. Fear wasn't in the slippers' vocabulary, so they quickly moved without any worries.

"We need to visit the pumpkin patch near the boardwalk’s entrance," Puff replied, heading left.

"But it's this way!" Fluff argued, shifting right.


“No, right.”

Thus began the bunny slipper stare down. In the end they used their ears for their version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Puff won.

Magick gave them the stealth and speed to head down the street and over to the broad avenue that boasted shops appealing to tourists and the entrance to the ever-famous boardwalk with its midway arcade and rides. Fluff and Puff managed to avoid the Weres' sharp eyes, since the slippers weren't all that popular there. Fall in the cotton candy vat JUST ONCE and sheesh! No one there had a sense of humor. Their destination was at the end of the street where an empty field boasted a large selection of pumpkins to be fashioned into jack-o-lanterns and the contents turned into tasty pies along with hay bales and scarecrows.

The slippers wasted no time passing the barriers with each taking a different side of the field.  

"Here's one," Fluff announced, speeding toward his goal.  

Puff shot in his direction to see his find. He circled the large orange gourd and shook his head. "We need a special one in just the right shape for our purposes. We need a pumpkin that will work perfectly," he reminded his best bud. "You look over there and I'll look over here." Both sighed heavily and returned to their task. One by one, the slippers carefully inspected each pumpkin, searching for just the right one.


"I found it!" Fluff's squeak of excitement carried in the air. Puff scooted to the spot where Fluff faced a pumpkin that wasn't too big or too small or too round or too oval. It was just the right shape. Just the right color and a faint glow emanated from the squash fruit.

“Yes!" The slippers performed their own version of a high-five and each took one side, racing around the pumpkin, setting up their own magickal net to get the pumpkin back to the house. Once the net was in place, they uttered the spell needed and left the pumpkin patch with their prize merrily sliding along behind them.

Just as when they left the house, the front door silently opened for them and allowed them to enter. They wasted no time going back to the kitchen and spelling the pumpkin onto the table. After they scooted up the chairs to the table, they stared at their find with broad grins on their faces, their razor-sharp teeth gleaming in the darkness.

"This will be the best jack-o-lantern yet," Fluff pronounced.

"And a big surprise for Jazz," Puff agreed.

For the next hour, the kitchen's interior lit up with orange, purple and green sparkles of magick as the slippers performed their special spell. Once they finished their task, they made their way up to the bedroom and returned to their cozy space on Jazz's bed. They may be slippers, but no way they ever slept on the floor!

The slippers were sound asleep when Jazz headed downstairs in search of her first cup of coffee for the day, but they REALLY woke up when they heard Krebs' greeting the witch.

"Is this pumpkin your doing?" They heard Krebs asking her and there was more horror in his voice than admiration.

"No," her sleepy voice replied. "And talk about incredible work. The carved face looks just like Hugh Jackman. It's so lifelike that…Wait a minute…is that…Fluff! Puff! What have you done?!"

And a merry Hallows Eve to you all.

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