Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Behind the Book -- Under His Spell

Under His Spell was one of my first dips into the paranormal genre and what better way to start.

I was in what I called my crazy mode. Book ideas flowing through my imagination were all woo woo, ghosts, things that go bump in the night, on my!
I wrote up the three ideas and sent them to my agent at the time. Her response? “You’re killing me!” This was the late 80s and paranormal wasn’t as strong as it is now. Luckily, my editor loved the ideas and said one especially was perfect for Harlequin American Romance’s Calendar of Romance.
First was a psychic dreaming of a murder, but she dreamed of the murder in reverse allowing her not to see the killer until near the end of the book. That was In Her Dreams, which is out now.
Another was I felt was a fun book about a woman waking up after celebrating her 30th birthday to find her parents returned from the dead and staying until she found the right man.  That was Free Spirits, which is out now.
Then there was a book about Caroline and Ryan, two young siblings in Salem, MA, who want a dad for Holly, their mom, so she’ll be happy again. And Ryan’s fervent wish for a puppy. Their wish is so strong they pay $3 to their mom’s best friend’s con artist son to cast a spell in a meadow at midnight during the Summer Solstice. Little do they expect to see a man in black walk out of the fog! Or for that man to be so intrigued when he hears their request that he follows up to find their mom, a descendant of one of the convicted witches of Olde Salem, just might be the perfect woman for him.
There’s a lot of gossip in Salem. Who is Jack, the man in black who the townfolk love to gossip about. What does he do for a living and what about the mysterious woman living with him who he says is his sister? A woman whose arrogant cat’s fur is the same color as her hair and always wears a collar the same color as her clothing, yet few have seen the two at the same time.
There’s Holly, a divorced mom dealing with a deadbeat ex, two kids she loves with all her heart, a job she loves but an overbearing boss who makes her life miserable, a best friend who wishes she could see Jack’s aura, but for some reason he doesn’t have one.
There’s Jack, who bought the haunted house on the outskirts of town, a popular horror author in Europe who’s looking to break into the US market.
And there’s love and magic. Kids doing what it takes to see their mom happy again.
Even casting a spell in a foggy meadow at midnight.
I wanted to write a book that had all the above and more. I’m so happy I accomplished it.  
I hope you enjoy Under His Spell and will look for Countess and the Cowboy, Jack’s sister’s story, that will be released on the 21st.



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