Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Man With Doubts Japanese Comic Book

A Japanese publisher contracted three of my backlist books to be turned into cell phone downloads and comic books. The first one was released in January and I just received copies!

A Man with Doubts was my first Silhouette Special Edition published in 1982. I loved the original cover so much I purchased the original artwork.

Since I now own the rights to the book I will have it available as an ebook soon.

I just wanted to share the cover and two of the pages with you.



  1. Wow!!!! That is SO cool Linda!!!

    Which other books did they contract?

    I love that you're building a name in Japan!!! So cool!!! :)


  2. Thanks Lisa!

    The other books are my first romance, Dancer in the Shadows, and a Dell Ecstasy Supreme Caution Man at Work.