Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Barbara Vey's Blog!

It’s that time of year when Barbara invites authors and fans alike to celebrate!

This year, awesome author Lisa Kessler brought some of us together to offer up a Kindle and gift card to one lucky reader. Plus, we’re posting our own little contests on our blogs. I’m listing the other authors below so you can pop in to see what they have.

I’m giving to one lucky commenter here a very special hexy prize. Something I normally don’t give away! The winner will be announced on Friday morning.

And please tweet and FB about the contest. Let’s get the party rolling!


The link to add to visit Barbara Vey's blog is


  1. Hi Linda! Thank you so much for celebrating and sharing with us! This has been such a fun party :D

    I am a fan of yours on Facebook (Gena Robertson), email subsciber ( and GFC follower robertsongena.

    Shared on Facebook:


    Thanks so much again!

    Gena Robertson

  2. I'm dead curious about your hexy prize! :)

  3. Hi Natalie!

    It's something fun and part of a goody package. And no, not Fluff and Puff. They stay with me!

  4. Hi Linda! I'm curious about the prize, too!

  5. I always give away some hexy body lotion, a broom pen and a few bats and something else will be thrown in there.

  6. Hi Linda!

    A Hexy prize??? I'm super curious now!!! LOL

    Thanks for hopping with us today!!! You rock!!!


    Lisa :)

  7. Lisa,

    It's something I usually have with me at the chapter meetings.

    Thanks so much for organizing our group!

  8. Hi Linda.
    This is a great party. Glad you ladies decided to have it. Love your Hexy books. Have all of them except"Wicked By Any Other Name" getting that one soon. I'm also VERY curious about the Hexy Prize. Thank you for the chance to win!

  9. *waving* Wow, your site is a beauty. I'm checking out the Demon books now. Those covers rock! :) Woot!

  10. Hi Hay Nay! I love secrets so that's why I wanted to offer a secret prize. Enjoy Stasi's story.

    Racchel! Thanks for coming by.

    1. What an awesome idea! Your books rock, Linda. So do you!