Monday, February 13, 2012

That Romantic First Date

Who remembers their first date?

Was it good? Funny? Sweet? Romantic? Or so horrific you’ve pushed it to the back of your mind intent on never thinking of it, or him, ever again?

With Valentine’s Day I wondered what to write about for this day of romance.

Then I thought about first dates.

When I was in college I worked as a teletype operator in a Sears catalog satellite store in my home town. I was what you’d call a junior supervisor while the guy I later married worked in the stock room. That’s right, I was his boss. :}

We started out having Cokes on our breaks and then he asked me to a dance at his fraternity house. Sounded good to me. Except a week before he backed out because his ex-girlfriend insisted she was still going with him. As in he asked her and even though they broke up she wasn’t giving up the date. Hmmm.

And to think I gave him a second chance! But I didn’t make it easy for him. Still, when you see that hangdog face every day you tend to give in.

No dance. Nothing fancy. We went to the movies, a drive in theater where we saw Airport and The Andromeda Strain. And we had my new puppy with us. Schroeder was new to the family and I didn’t want to leave him home. A fun relaxed evening with a puppy who thought our popcorn was his.

We were married a year and a half later. Maybe he still felt guilty about that missed dance. But I was the one attending the other fraternity parties and did I learn interesting stories that almost bordered Animal House. Nothing like putting the house president's bed, while he was lying drunk in it, on the house roof or have the police fly overhead.

I can think of a lot of first dates that were interesting, but I guess this is the most interesting. Well, except for the train robber from Knotts Berry Farm who serenaded me on his guitar.

What about you? Any fun or horrifying first date stories?


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