Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How Paranormal Chose Me

I’ve often been asked why I chose to write paranormal and I have to say that it was more that paranormal chose me.

My favorite books growing up were fairy tales and my comic books were Casper the Ghost and Wendy the Little Witch. Yes, it dates me. Hm, I wonder what they’d be worth now if I’d kept them.

We have a house ghost named Frank, so yes, paranormal is all around me. I think he’s a secret cook since utensils tend to disappear at odd times then reappear in the same spot later on. We missed a potato masher for a year until it showed up without warning.

I tend to put a magickal spin on my life. Can be scary at times, but it’s also fun. I don’t have dogs. I have hellhounds. Our parrot has some wild tendencies and even our tortoise has her own methods.

I loved reading the gothic romances back in the 70s and 80s. Some even had ghosts in the attic. But paranormal romances weren’t out there. Then ideas for several paranormals came to mind and I worked them up. When I mentioned them to my then agent I heard “you’re killing me here! I can’t sell those!” I offered to send her the ideas along with wine. :}

But let’s talk timing. My agent sent them on to my editor and the day they landed on her desk was the day she came up with a calendar of books. She said my romance set in Salem, MA was perfect for Halloween and Under His Spell was out there. Not a true paranormal but I loved the elements. Along with that was A Man for Maggie, a murder suspense involving a psychic, No Room at the Inn, which was my Christmas version of Brigadoon, Twist of Fate, what I called another type of Quantum Leap, and Bells Rings and Angel’s Wings, my spin on It’s A Wonderful Life. But readers weren’t totally ready for paranormal romances. The best thing about these books are that they’re back out there as ebooks.

Even if the books weren’t selling back then the idea of paranormal was still there in the back of my mind. There was an idea lingering that would whisper you really need to listen to me.

So I did. Witches who’d been around since the 1300s formed in living color and I knew I had to write the stories.

I talked to pagan friends, researched historical facts to add as background information, and the magickal world I already lived in had become even richer to my senses.

I have snarky bunny slippers that roam the house and harass the dogs. A gargoyle that I sometimes find in my lingerie drawers. A witch who thinks my coffee is hers. Another witch who reminds me romance is a good thing. A hexster who whispers in my ear when I feel the need to get even with someone. One who lets me know I may be short but to stand up for myself as in ‘hey, I’m supposed to be waited on next” and a healer who’s sorry her power won’t cure my cold. One who loves it when I go shopping and so on.

And this is why paranormal chose me.

What about you? What does paranormal do for you?



  1. For me, the paranormal give me a way to experience above and beyond the ordinary, to be as creative as I want without restrictions. It gives me freedom to read about and create characters and worlds that don't have to conform to our known reality. I love being able to explore more than what's in front of us.

    It's amazing you had the right timing. It had to be difficult before paranormal became popular. Sherrilyn Kenyon said it took her about ten years before she could sell her paranormals.

  2. You're right about the no need for restrictions, Angela. Even when I wrote straight contemporary I preferred creating my own towns and cities because I could do what I wanted there.

    I wrote my first paranormal in the late 80s. I'm still very proud of that book and it did sell very well back then. Best part is I'll be bringing it back out this year.

  3. I read "50 Ways..." yesterday, Great book! I love the bunny slippers. It was a fine introduction to you and your work. It was icing on tbe cake to learn you are a local author!

    Paranormal has been around throughout my life increasing as the years have passed. There has always been a nudge here or there with just the right book or person showing up to inspire me or teach me a lesson. Its funny and ironic when I read a book for entertainment and come away with an unexpected profound thought. Whether paranormal is reality or fantasy, it has inherent truths that can evoke a person to search within to be a better person.
    Or as you said, to inspire you to write these books. I'm glad you did.

  4. Thanks Shannon! I hope you'll try my other books.

    We never know where we'll be led. We just have to be open enough to follow that path.

  5. It does seem like the industry wasn't ready for paranormal when we, the readers and writers of paranormal, were.

    I was writing about angels way back in the 80's when I was a new young mother. Angels was my thing...

    It would be fun to see what Jazz would do with an angel! Cupid's boss, maybe <3

    Fluff and Puff wouldn't stand a chance!

  6. I don't think Cupid would welcome a boss. He believes he's IT when it comes to romance.