Monday, December 13, 2010

EBook Mondays -- Guest Blogger Patricia Rosemoor

Please welcome wonderful author Patricia Rosemoor! Her books are loved everywhere and the fun part is her backlist is available again!

The McKenna Legacy

To My Darling Grandchildren,

I leave you my love and more. Within thirty-three days of your thirty-third birthday-enough time to know what you are about-you will have in your grasp a legacy of which your dreams are made. Dreams are not always tangible things, but more often are born in the heart. Act selflessly in another’s behalf, and my legacy will be yours.

Your loving grandmother,
Moira McKenna

I am so excited to make the first three The McKenna Legacy novels available to readers again. They were originally published in the mid-nineties, but readers still write to me to ask how they can get them, because they were part of the Harlequin Intrigue line and had a very limited shelf or reorder life.

So now I have learned to “Kindle” and I’ve uploaded all three books – SEE ME IN YOUR DREAMS, TELL ME NO LIES and TOUCH ME IN THE DARK – both as individual buys and rolled together in one specially priced Kindle book. I may try some of the other ebook choices once I get over the trauma of learning this one!

What is so surprising to me is how readers get invested in an idea. I think the idea of family appeals, of course, but the psychic or sometimes downright paranormal element adds an extra appeal to the books. Originally I had a single legacy and Moira’s nine grandchildren. I wrote the three original books and my editor wanted me to work on something different. Then she asked for another McKenna because the originals were selling so well. I worked on yet another series and then was asked to do more McKennas. And so on until I’d written all nine.

And then my editor asked me to develop another branch of the family, because that’s what readers wanted, so I did. But obviously I couldn’t use the same legacy, so this time I went with a curse:

June 22, 1919
Donal McKenna,
Ye might have found happiness with another woman, but yer progeny will pay for this betrayal of me. I call on my faerie blood and my powers as a witch to give yers only sorrow in love, for should they act on their feelings, they will put their loved ones in mortal danger.
So be it,
Sheelin O’Keefe

The challenge is to keep from repeating myself. I first have to think about how to play out the legacy and the romantic conflict so each book is different from the rest. It’s a challenge I love. And if you haven’t done so already, I hope you’ll love discovering the McKennas.

Patricia Rosemoor


  1. What? No pictures? Come on Patricia don't be shy. I know I can't be the only one who'd like to see your books' new makeovers (or at least a link to them).

    Glad your readers have a chance to revisit old friends and that new readers can meet them.

    Hopefully you'll get over the trauma of Kindlizing (if there's such a word) and try epub too, but if not you're already a success . Congrats!

  2. Hi Patricia,
    Your McKenna books sound so entertaining, I'm sure they'll be popular in their new ebook format. Loyal fans are a treasure.

  3. Dara -- these are the bookcovers:
    and I am waiting to see if Smashwords puts them in the premium catalogue after 3 revisions.

    Phoebe -- I hope the McKennas are as entertaining to the readers as they are to me when I write them. :)