Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Countdown

It’s December!

Kids are singing how many days until Santa comes down that chimney.

Adults are penning gift lists, wish lists, and planning shopping trips with the same strategy of a military commander.

And the pantry is loaded with all the staples you need to bake all those goodies that you hope don’t add to inches to your hips and thighs.

How do you handle the holidays?

Do you shop online or hit the malls?

Do you have that list penned of who gets what or do you browse hoping an item will scream a family member or friend’s name?

Do you have those special hiding places the kids don’t know about? Or you hope they don’t know about.

I admit it. I love to gift shop. Yes, I love to shop for myself. I’m human, after all. :} But I also enjoy going out and finding just that right gift for someone. I shop both online and at the mall, although I sometimes like wandering the mall for their decorations.

Just about all of my friends are demented, so what can I say? They’re very easy to shop for. I look for fun items that I know will make them laugh. But I also love finding the fun girly items. We can’t have enough of those, can we?

Then there are the decorations. The crates holding ours is in the garage and I’m finishing putting everything up. It’s also a good time to sort out what we might not keep, even if that means always finding something new. I’ve already seen some items that I’m doing the ‘ahhh!’ moment.

I don’t do as much baking as I used to. Too dangerous to leave around the house, but I love to make a variety and share them. I’ll be putting up some recipes this month of what I tend to make this time of year.

We also have fun seeing the house decorations. A lot of fun to make a Starbucks run and drive around the neighborhoods or even walk around our own neighborhood along with seeing Santa when he drives through the neighborhoods along with a bunch of singers and their collecting for a food drive.

I’ve already warned Barney I’m getting him a jingle bell collar when I shop for his gifts from Santa Paws.

But even with all this, I have a book to write.

I’ll still manage my holiday fun.

What about you? What will December be like for you?


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