Monday, October 18, 2010

Welcome to Creepy Hollow!

Hello! My name is Grizelda and this is PooPoo, my panther, although she’s decided to go kitty size tonight for the tour of Creepy Hollow.

I’ve lived in Creepy Hollow for the last 800 years and while we’ve gone with the times, we still keep our own unique personalities.

When I want to play I love to hang out at the carousel. It’s only open after dark, but that’s much better.

As you can see we have a lovely mortuary and graveyard. I would advise you don’t go near there the nights of the full moon. You never know what might pop up.

And don’t you love our cinema? They played all the Mummy films last week. King Tut is a big fan of those movies and loves to point out all the mistakes. I would advise you don’t try Percy’s popcorn unless you don’t mind there are maggots in it. He likes the extra crunch factor.

We are not without culture as you can tell with our opera house. The Phantom is one of our big stars.

I love the Cauldron Café! The food is excellent, especially the ribs. Seymour's were especially delicious.

And could any town not be complete without a belfry? Plenty of bats can be found there. They’re so much fun to hang out with.

Igor left the science lab to drop off a delivery to the Skeleton King and his wife. I don’t go over there too much. The dragon has a habit of singing my shoes and I love my shoes!

I love our train depot! The train comes every dark of the moon. Funny thing. People might get off, but no one gets on.

We’re known all over for our medical ghoul school. I heard they can dissect a body in five seconds flat.

I told you we keep up with the times. That’s why Boris started his car lot. ‘Course, all he sells is hearses. But you can get one in any color you want. Mine’s a pretty pink. His prices are kinda high. At least, I didn’t have to give up my liver.

So that’s my town. I hope you’ll come to visit me sometime. I love company. Seems most who do come don’t live very long. Maybe you’ll be luckier.



  1. What an adorable village, Grizelda!

    No wonder nobody wants to leave.


  2. Thanks Aunty! You must come for a visit.