Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Late Night Visitor

I’ve always said critters like to hang out at my house.

We’ve had a lot of oppossums at night. They especially love munching the strawberry plants.

And our area also snakes, skunks, and the occasional coyote. When our tract was brand new and the area was more rural than it is now, it was nothing to see a coyote in the street. And there was a mama owl one summer who thought Bogie would make a great snack for her babies. I had to go out with the dogs every time they wanted out at night.

First we had Gabby adopt us. The cat talks all the time and the neighbor’s name for him worked perfectly.

And with the warm days we leave the garage door up a bit during the day so he could go in and out then I'd close it all the way before bedtime.

Last night I went out to the garage, noticed Gabby's food dish wasn't where it normally was and after I closed the garage door all the way down a skunk walked out from under my husband's truck.

He might have been cute and well mannered, but I don't allow Gabby to have overnight guests. I popped the door up and hopped back in the house, so I wouldn’t spook the critter.

Luckily, the skunk went out and the smell was out later front and not in the garage. Billy the Exterminator said baking soda and hydrogen peroxide if you get sprayed. I'd just rather not get sprayed.

And this morning, Barney examined the back yard big time, his nose to the ground. He wanted out big time last night and no way I was going to allow that!

Poor Gabby. I can’t keep the garage door a bit during the evening anymore. But I like my SUV to smell nice!



  1. Ack! No, I wouldn't want skunks in the garage either.

  2. Especially not one that can stink it up.

    Yep, there's an invisible sign on our yard saying all critters welcome.