Monday, June 21, 2010

Behind The Book -- Under His Spell

Creature of the Night

One summer solstice, luminous black-clad Jack Montgomery materialized out of the mist in a meadow. He claimed a vacant Victorian lair for his haunt. Then, with all the smooth moves of Dracula, he swiftly began to lure sweet Holly Bennett …

Holly didn’t know her kids had cast an ancient spell for a dad. She only knew she was wooed with candlelight, dreamy nights and the fathomless depths of those witchy dark eyes.

She hardly cared who Jack really was … not after she tasted his love elixir and reveled in the abracadabra of his secret touch. She just hoped – as All Hallows’ Eve drew near – that this magic man would never disappear.

Under His Spell is the perfect title for this Harlequin American Romance, which was released in October 1992.

I originally wrote more magic into the book, but my editor suggested changes. The funny thing about this was that my agent at the time didn’t think my editor would take it. I’d given her a few paranormal synopses and this was one of them.

But I wanted to write this book and even better the idea crossed my editor’s desk at a time when she decided to come up with calendar books. And what better book for Halloween than a story set in Salem, MA and a heroine who’s a descendant from an accused witch. Not to mention a hero with an air of mystery and known for his horror novels.

Jack and Holly were fun to write. The questions among the town. Was he a vampire. Could he be some other sort of creature.

Plus, there was Jack’s ultra-fashionable sister, Letitia, along with her beloved cat, whose fur perfectly matched her blonde hair. More questions. Could Letitia and the cat be one and the same?

See why it was so much fun?

I’ve got to say that Jack could cross my threshold any time!