Friday, June 25, 2010

Behind The Book -- The Countess and the Cowboy

Cowboys and Indians Never Fought Like This

When Letitia DeMarco won the deed to her ex’s Montana ranch, she didn’t know it came with a negative cash flow – and Tyler Barnes, a foreman with a sate-size chip on his shoulder. Before she could unpack her boots, they locked spurs and the ranch became the wildest honky-tonk in town.

Letitia was sultry, high society and Italian in every way but heritage. Tyler was the soul of Montana’s wide-open spaces. He had been born and bred on a ranch, his easy chair was a horse’s back. When they locked horns, it was winner take all. And come high noon, there would be only one winner in this showdown.

It was a given that Jack’s sister would have a book of her own. The Countess and the Cowboy was released in March, 1993.

And since Letitia was high maintenance with the couture wardrobe and equally high maintenance cat, I decided to throw her into an entirely alien atmosphere by her gaining a Montana ranch.

Could she navigate the rough territory in her stilettos? Could she manage to walk among dirt and dust without it getting on her white skirt or shoes?

We’re talking Letitia disdains dirt. And Tyler is just the kind of cowboy whose boots you want to find under your bed. They butt heads a lot, but isn’t that the best part of a romance?

The fun part is Letitia performs her own magic on the ranch and at the end you even get a peek at what Holly and Jack are up to.


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