Friday, February 14, 2014

Behind The Book -- Splendor At Dawn

Any author will tell you she/he hears the question ‘where do you get your ideas?’ There are a variety of answers that come with it.
I know for me it comes from many areas, even to asking friends if I can use a fun incident that came from their lives.
Splendor at Dawn came from a time that was scary, hopeful and in the end, the absolute best gift someone can have. The gift of life.
Diane, my absolute best friend, sister of my heart who I’ve known just about all my life is an inspiration in many ways. We joke we remain friends because we have too much dirt on each other and we’ve been there for each other in many stages of our lives.
Diane scared her family and friends when she suffered a brain aneurysm when we were in our thirties. Or as she calls it, her brain leaked. For awhile, we didn’t know if she’d live or die and her recovering with pretty much nothing more than losing a week’s worth of memories (maybe that was a good thing. She might have had a lot of bad hair days -- my twisted sense of humor).  Months later she became pregnant and had a handsome boy who’s getting married later this year. Congratulations Travis!
I admired her strength, her humor and I love her so much. That was why I wrote Splendor at Dawn. I wrote about a heroine who suffered from a stroke and recovered only to have her husband leave her and she felt she had to start over. Starting over can be a good thing or a bad one. Evelyne (a name of a dear friend) was a bit shaky but she chose to move forward and a trip to Hawaii gave her a man who would do anything to be the man she deserves. The question is, after what she went through, can she trust enough after a former betrayal?
I wanted to write a book that was heartwarming, showing a rich love and two characters who truly deserve to be together. And I wanted a book that allowed me to think of Diane.
Splendor at Dawn was one of my Dell Ecstasy Supremes that I’m pleased to be able to see out again.
It’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Apple.
If you’re looking for a heartwarming romance I hope you’ll try Evelyne and Rhyder’s story. 


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