Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Behind The Book -- All A Man Could Want

How could Dr. Kate Bradley succumb to a sexy patient in her own office!

The beautiful dermatologist's problem was obvious. Mark Harrison bore a near-fatal resemblance to the notorious movie idol, Ty Winters. Computer programmer by day, celebrity look-alike by night, Mark swept the dedicated doctor off her feet. Nothing had interfered with Kate's dream of establishing her own private practice until now. This devastating man wanted her to know the real Mark Harrison while he seduced her with Ty Winters' irresistible charm. She couldn't afford love's distractions. But how could she say no once she'd said yes to the man who set her afire?

Let me say I loved writing for the Dell Candlelight Ecstasy line. My incredible editor let me loose with story ideas and never batted an eye. I enjoyed writing fun sassy books, and still do. All A Man Could Want was one of those.
Our Romance Writers of America chapter had a celebrity lookalike at our one of our meetings. I sat there and thought ‘there’s a book there’. We talked for some time, I learned what it was like to be a celebrity lookalike and I decided it would only be right to present the hero with something that no one would want to discuss except with their doctor. Nothing major, but could be a tad embarrassing for a guy. And no, not THAT. LOL!
I created a dermatologist who only had one goal, her own practice. Kate needed a life and sexy Mark Harrison, who could be a bit of a geek but looked like a sexy actor, was just what she needed.
I always say there is at least one true incident in each of my books. The names were changed to protect the guilty. This one has a celebrity lookalike and since a friend of mine had some pretty disastrous dates, I used one of those too. My friends are wonderful in providing me fodder for my books!
I wanted to write a fun sassy book with some engaging characters and I hope you’ll see that too.


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