Thursday, July 11, 2013

The New Member of the Wisdom Pack

I am grateful for all the notes from people after Barney went to Rainbow Bridge. They were much appreciated.  

It has been difficult. He was my special baby and I miss him every day. At the same time, I watched Katie grieve and knew she missed her brother. They played all the time and were inseparable.  

We knew Katie needed a playmate, but we didn’t want to rush into anything.  

I searched for mini Schnauzer rescue groups, hoping to find one that spoke to me. I sent in an adoption application and we knew the waiting could begin.  

Then one Thursday night, I cruised Craigslist and saw an ad and picture for a three year old  terrier mix that needed a good home, specifying serious inquiries only. There was something there.  I emailed, asking questions, heard back and we emailed back and forth all evening. We set up a meeting at a local park the next day. We took Katie with us and were hopeful it would work.  

What can I say? Here was this cute little brown dog with gorgeous light brown eyes that walked up to say hi. Then he hopped into our car, touched noses with Katie and they were fast friends. My husband said it looked as if we had another dog and Hunter’s first mom was happy that the two dogs liked each other. I assured her that he’d be loved and have a wonderful home and she was glad he was going to a good home. Funniest part about this? When we emailed she asked if I was a writer, that she had a lot of Linda Wisdom books. Who knew?  

It was all meant to be.

That was three weeks ago. Hunter and Katie play constantly. They are so funny together and it’s as if he’s always lived here. Watching them play tug of war is so funny and I have videos on Facebook.

I’ve always believed that critters choose us, we don’t choose them. I found the ad not long after it was put up and who could resist this little guy? Even better he agreed.

I’m thankful that his mom was so generous to allow us to bring him home. Katie isn’t sad anymore and while I still cry for Barney I laugh more now.

So please say hi to Hunter. I just know he'll show up in a book.



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