Sunday, September 19, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

Have you ever experienced a time where you thought of someone and they either called or emailed you? Or you’ve made what you feel is an impossible wish and it’s come true? Even worse, you tell yourself “If I do this, I’d be better off” and it happens, but not quite the way you expected it to.

I realized my days were taken up running too many errands. Bad planning on everyone’s part where my husband needed me to do something during the week or my Mom asked me to run out for her.

I wanted all my writing time back! I said what I’d love is Monday through Thursday for writing and I’d use the other three days for errands.

Two things happened at once. My husband’s truck was dying and the lease was almost up on my SUV. No way had we wanted two car payments, so we traded in the truck and bought my SUV. That meant one vehicle for now. Since he has furlough days, he works Mon-Thurs. I switched around appointments and now I have those four days I claimed I wanted. Good in many ways, since I can’t escape the house except to walk Barney.

And what I asked for. Sigh!

Then this past Friday I joked “I have my baby! I can go out and be wild and crazy! Do what I normally wouldn’t do.” I had errands all planned. Had a pedicure then drove to Walmart. I just parked when I got a call.

My husband was trimming tree branches and fell, slicing his hand open on the clippers. I drove home in record time and took him to Urgent Care, where we lucked out and was only there for 3 ½ hours. Good thing I had my Nook with me since they had sports on TV. He left there with 12 stitches in his hand.

I said I wanted to do something I normally wouldn’t do. That definitely is it.

So now I completely understand why they say ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.’

And I’m going to think a lot more carefully the next time I wish for something!



  1. Yikes! Yeah, wishes can be dangerous.

  2. I never thought it would happen until these two happened so close together. Usually it's more that I'll think of someone then I'll hear from them.