Thursday, April 1, 2010

What I'm Watching -- Billy the Exterminator

Don’t we all have our guilty pleasure TV choices?

I’m a big What Not to Wear fan. Comes from my fashion merchandising training, I guess. I wouldn’t call it a guilty pleasure, although it might have started out that way.

Last night, I was looking for something different to watch and ended up watching Billy the Exterminator on A&E. I’d seen the ads and was curious. I was so glad I gave in.

Billy and his family own a pest control company in Louisiana and battle cockroaches, raccoons, opossums, gators, and anything else in between.

Last night I watched him deal with a raccoon in a dumpster. The guys who found him didn’t want him dead and could have easily done that. They even put a bowl of water down for the little guy. I knew raccoons were fierce and it really showed since he didn’t want to be trapped, although Billy would be relocating him. And I laughed so hard when Billy’s talking away, raccoon’s in the cage and the little guy swipes at him with his claws and he looks like he’s laughing at getting his captor.

Then there’s clearing rats out of a house. Since we had that problem, we knew only too well how bad that can be. Trust me, if you’ve got a dead one in the wall, well, the smell is horrendous!

And yep, a gator who was caught, tagged, and relocated.

What also makes this show worth watching is Billy himself as he tells you about the various critters, even how to keep raccoons out of your trashcans, and his family. His mom, Donnie, who runs the office is your Southern belle with that spine of steel, his dad, Big Bill, who thought he could sneak out of the house to help catch a snake without Donnie knowing he was gone – silly man! – his brother Ricky and his wife, Mary.

It’s a fun show and you learn something along the way.



  1. I enjoy watching Billy also and saw the episode with the raccoon. I like that he relocates the animals rather than killing them.

  2. I haven't seen this, but I'll be sure to check it out. Looks like fun!

  3. I think you'll enjoy it, Elle. I'm watching some of the previous episodes now.

    And I we had problems with oppossums!

  4. It is, isn't it?

    I watched it last night and yuck on the python! But I'm not fond of snakes.

  5. WOW! GREAT PITCURE!!!!!!!!!!!