Monday, October 19, 2009

Trick or Treat, Smell Our Slippers!

“It’s not fair!” Fluff made huffing noises as he bounced as best he could on Jazz’s snazzy black and white comforter. “We should be able to go too!”

“You’re not,” she informed him, as she wiggled her way into a black silk and lace bustier that gave her all the lift she wanted then a black gown that fit her like a glove. By the time she finished her face was flushed from her exertions.

“We could have easily gone with you if you’d used our idea for a costume,” Puff chimed in, studying one of the red throw pillows on the bed. “And you could have just worn your pjs and us. How easy is that?”

“You put even one fang in that pillow and you’ll be back in that cage so fast your little head will spin,” Jazz warned, catching his intentions in the mirror as she tiptoed over to double check her make up. She picked up a blood red lipstick called Scarlet Hussy and used a lip brush to stroke it on. Her long nails matched her lips.

“Then why can’t we go as ourselves?” Puff whined, rolling back and forth.

“Yeah!” Fluff provided his buddy with a united front.

“Because you weren’t invited.”

“Like that’s ever stopped us before,” Fluff snarled, fully prepared to head into a major bunny slipper hissy fit. If there was one thing Fluff hated, it was missing out on a good party and he knew this party was going to be a total supernatural blowout. “Besides, who wouldn’t love having us attend their party? We’re fun! We can dance.” He reared up on and did a little shimmy before falling forward on his face.

While some supernaturals preferred celebrating the 31st of October as Samhain, there were others who enjoyed partying Halloween wild with costumes and anything else that struck their fancy. Jazz was attending the latter tonight and wasted no time in informing the slippers they weren’t attending. Since then, they’d done their best to make her life miserable, but she refused to give in. And since she had cast extra strong wards on anything she prized, as in everything in her suite, they weren’t able to inflict any damage in retaliation. So they bided their time on that.

“Do you really want me to pull out the list starting with the boardwalk and ending with most of the clubs that never want to see you again?” she reminded them. “You two can sit in the window and watch the trick or treaters.”

The slippers made gagging sounds.

“We could hand out candy,” Puff suggested, trying any way he could to look on the bright side, but it wasn’t easy.

“Yeah, like that would happen. You’d have it all eaten before it barely hit the bowl.” Jazz twisted her hair up into intricate swirls then dusted black and gold glitter over it. She used some of the glitter on her cheekbones and dusted the deep cleavage her dress afforded her. “I’ll put out all the Halloween movies for you, how’s that?”

Their dark expressions on their fuzzy faces told her that wasn’t nearly enough. “And popcorn balls.”

Puff retreated to the bed pillows and began bouncing up and down. “Chocolate.”

“Krebs said you can watch the movies on the big screen TV downstairs only if you didn’t have chocolate in there. You’re just lucky I could spell it out of the couch and chairs.” She arranged a black glittery bat clip in her elaborate updo. “What do you think?” She turned around and held her arms out while smiling broadly to reveal white fangs.

“Wow, girly vampire.” Fluff rolled his eyes.

Puff just yawned. “So original. Female fangster. Big woo.”

“And you wonder why you don’t go anywhere.” She slipped her lipstick in a hidden pocket in her gown. The black silk shimmered like a dark rainbow with its deep v neckline and long sleeves that ended in points. Jazz had used a pale foundation highlighted with the glitter and black eye shadow and liner. Instead of her fashionable witchy self, she looked like the perfect damsel of the dark. She lifted her long skirt and stepped into a pair of black stilettos.

“It’s attitudes like that that also keep you home,” she warned them, picking up a black velvet cape with red silk lining at the same time the doorbell rang. “There’s Nick and I don’t want to see any tantrums.

“We don’t have tantrums,” Fluff groused, as the slippers followed her downstairs, staying back as she opened the door to Nick dressed in purple silk robes trimmed in gold braid and a pair of old-fashioned spectacles perched on his nose. “A wizard? Sheesh, we could have done better than that.”

“You become something you aren’t.” She kissed Nick then allowed him to help her slip her cape on.

“Popcorn balls are in the family room with the DVDs. And if you get really bored you can visit Irma. She’s having a Gunsmoke marathon tonight.” She blew them a kiss and left.

The slippers moved to the windows on each side of the front door and nosed the sheers aside to watch Nick assist Jazz into his SUV.

“Does she really think we’re staying here for popcorn balls and movies?” Fluff said.“No way.” Puff’s attention was momentarily diverted by a group of trick or treaters making their way down the street.

“Whaddya think?”Fluff grinned.

“You got it.”

Since they knew Jazz didn’t trust them, although for the life of them they couldn’t understand why, they slipped out a window off the kitchen that wouldn’t raise any witchy alarms and they headed straight for the street.

“Hey, it’s Fluff and Puff!” one little girl squealed, jumping up and down in her pink tulle ballerina costume. “Are you going to go trick or treating with us?” she asked them.

While human adults couldn’t understand bunny slipper language, children had a language that was universal with the slippers. A quick nod of their heads and they were soon perched in her trick or treat bag.

“Does Jazz know you two are out?” The little girl’s mom asked, not really believing their bobbing heads of assent, but not wanting to disappoint her daughter with the slippers’ company.

For the rest of the evening, Fluff and Puff made the rounds of the neighborhood, got more than their share of candy and somehow managed not to frighten any cats, since they were their favorite forms of entertainment.

“I can’t make it up that window,” Puff groaned, flopping down on the grass with a tummy so bloated he looked pregnant.

“Don’t expect any help from me.” Fluff looked up at the window and realized it wasn’t going to be easy for him either.

Thanks to bunny slipper magick they just barely made it inside the house and managed to stumble their way into the family room where they collapsed on the couch.They heard the front door open and close hours later.

“I can’t believe they’re still up,” Jazz said walking into the family room with Nick behind her. “You have got to be kidding me!” She stopped short at the sight before her.

Fluff and Puff lay on their backs, their bellies bloated and their faces an unbecoming shade of purple along with smears of chocolate and caramel all over them. Their eyes were glazed over from sugar overload.

“Oh good,” Fluff moaned, unable to even roll over onto his side. “Do we have any Alka-Seltzer?”

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