Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hex In High Heels Is Here!

I know when I started writing these books I hoped they’d continue on and I was so glad to see them warmly welcomed by readers and now readers are even counting down to release dates. How wonderful is that?

The witch for this book was easy. It seemed only natural that Blair’s story would follow Stasi’s.

Last we read Jake revealed he was the Border collie that hung around the witches and thanks to his Were nature, he saved Blair, Stasi and Jazz from being burned at the stake.

But Jake has a lot more on his plate courtesy of his Were mom and brother showing up and trust me, no warm and fuzzies there, unless you count the fur flying. After all, witches and Weres don’t mix, according to the Alpha furry mom. Not that it will hold Blair back as she resists throwing a mange spell on the female.

As if Weres making trouble wasn’t enough, the mayor’s wife hired elves to add atmosphere to the town’s winter carnival. Except these aren’t the cute Santa type elves. Except them to have creepy crawlies coming out of their ears, drink beer, and scratch their privates. The thing is, will they stay that way or will Blair have to jump in and save the festival? Can she handle arrogant Werewolves and crazy elves along with a fledgling romance at the same time?

Oh, wait a minute! She’s a witch! She knows how to multi-task. Battle the Weres, make sure the elves don’t tear the town apart, and find some alone time with Jake. Easy peasy.

Romance isn’t easy for a witch and my witches tend to have an even more difficult time. But I find that’s half the fun in writing the books. Life is always full of ups and downs and incorporating it into my books is more than half the fun.

With a series you need to amp it up with every book and I hope that you see that in Hex in High Heels.
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