Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mom, I Haz An Owie

Our Katie was spayed yesterday.

Poor baby isn’t happy and who can blame her?

We dropped her off at the clinic yesterday morning and picked her up in the late afternoon. She was groggy, wearing her cone, and very happy to see Mom and Dad.

It’s been fifteen years since we’ve gone through this and amazing what the mind forgets!

Or maybe it’s because Katie’s older since she’s about eighteen months old. My husband and I took turns keeping her in our arms since she was most comfortable that way. When she was down the poor baby tried very hard not to walk into walls.

It was a given she wouldn’t be going upstairs, so I used the guest room last night. By using the pillow shams to help prop her up. Except I didn’t bring Barney’s pillow down with mine, so he decided to make my pillow his and we fought over it all night long. I ended up with him draped along the back of my head while I had to contort some since Katie wanted physical contact.

Sleep? What’s that?

Today she still wants to be in her mom’s arms and I haven’t told her she has to wear the cone for fourteen days.

At least Barney’s behaved, except for the pillow incident. And he even looks after her when we go outside. Both Katie and I will be counting down the days. For now, I’ll give my baby her cuddles because she has an owie.



  1. Awww, poor girl. And poor you! Hugs all around!

  2. She's pretty much lost the drunken stagger, Tori. I feel so bad for her because she's now hating the cone. But it's better for her.

  3. Poor baby! Hope she feels better real fast!

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  5. Linda Katie will survive, not sure about the rest of the family, when that cone comes off the memory will fade and life will once again be lived at full blast! (and if she runs into a wall at that point maybe she needs to slow down)

    It has been 7 years since my last pet went through being "fixed" and since it was a Tomcat who was only six months old recovery was swift and easy, thank goodness.

  6. Katie's doing better but couldn't get rid of the cone because she kept trying to lick her incision.

    Then Barney had two seizures on Friday night and my cold morphed into pneumonia. Barney's doing good and hopefully no more.