Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meet Our New Family Member

Meet Katie.

While she doesn’t look like Barney, she’s also a white mini Schnauzer. Or as the vet said, primarily mini Schnauzer. It doesn't matter since she's our baby.

And a total love.

Katie came to us under wild circumstances.

After the hospice’s butterfly release ceremony in October, we had lunch with a couple of my husband’s co workers and the head of the hospice office. She knew about Barney and mentioned that someone in the office was looking for a home for her mini Schnauzer. My husband started bumping me as in “can we, Mom, can we?”

I called the woman, we chatted for awhile and it was like a sign since her first name is Linda and her last name is Barney. Katie’s name was originally Dani, but too close to sounding like Barney and when I tried names out on her, she liked Katie. Everyone saw it as a sure thing. I reminded everyone it was still up to Barney.

Katie wasn’t too sure at first, but then neither was Barney. After all, he’d been king here for almost two years. Within four days they were chasing each other all over the house and it turned into their playground.

We had Katie groomed, I picked up toys she could consider hers and it’s like she’s always lived here.

While sleeping I’ve got Katie on one side and Barney on the other. Toasty yes, but not easy to move around!

She’s a total love and I also consider her a gift. So far she hasn’t liked having her picture taken, but I hope that will change. And I know I’ll have to catch video of them playing. They can be You Tube stars. :}

How ironic both dogs came to me the way they did. When Barney showed up everyone said he was sent to me since Bogie’s health wasn’t good. And the hospice that took such good care of Mom here at home basically gave me a dog. My angel puppies.



  1. Oh she is adorable!! Congratulations on your new baby :)

  2. Thanks Tori and Anne-Katherine.

    She is a love and not happy unless she gets cuddles in the morning. Today was wild when I'm trying to keep my coffee safe, text, and I've got two puppies rolling over me while they're playing. And it wasn't a hint from them for me to get up either. Just our usual morning routine. :}

  3. Such a sweet story. And Katie has a wonderful new home!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}
    [Entering your contest/giveaway for one of the 2 ARC copies]

  4. cute dog!! how hard will she be to keep clean though?

  5. What a sweet girl! Dogs are some of the best family members, aren't they?

    So glad Barney and Katie have found playmates in each other. :-)

    Esther Fancher

  6. Thanks Lea Ellen, she is a sweetie.

    Hi Alainala, Katie stays pretty clean and only gets a bath every other month. By then she's more a dirty white but still not too bad. I just got her a cute blingy collar tag with her info on it. So cute!

    You're right, Esther, they are. I've always been a dog person along with parrots. The house is very crazy most of the time.